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PBC News & Comment: Are Dems Doing “Impeachment Lite”?

Democrats unveil only two articles of impeachment today, apparently excluding Mueller obstruction claims, Cohen guilty plea and other clear crimes…–Dems have been cagey about their plans, but it appears they will only vote on articles related to abuse of power and obstruction of Ukraine probe

–we go deep on Inspector General’s report, which is narrow in scope and allows both parties to cherry-pick favorable findings

–read the IG report here

–one surprise is that Mike Flynn was under investigation from the start

–IG claims investigation started with report from Australian ambassador, omits mention of Stefan Halper, asserts that Steele dossier was not initial basis

–IG hammers FBI for FISA warrant applications: using Steele dossier, omitting Carter Page’s CIA history, and ignoring repeated denials in renewals

–Bill Barr and Trump allies diss the IG report

–Steele’s friendship with Ivanka Trump is a wild disclosure

WashPost drops another installment of its expose on our Afghan debacle

–US drops charges against Max Blumenthal

–Exxon is acquitted in lawsuit charging it deceived its investors over climate change

–new report shows Arctic has reached a tipping point, permafrost is melting

–Dahr Jamail delivers a somber requiem for the Arctic