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PBC News & Comment: IG Finds “no bias” in Start of FBI Trump/Russia Probe

Inspector General says FISA mistakes were made but Trump/Russia investigation wasn’t biased…as separate investigator, John Durham, disagrees about “predication”….–IG identifies 17 errors in FISA applications, PBC says secret court should be abolished

–House Judiciary processes 52-page report on legal basis for impeachment

–in morning session, Dems make case for urgency of removing Trump, as Republicans distract with rhetorical spitballs

–in blockbuster report, WashPost shows that every administration since 2001 has lied about the war in Afghanistan

–SCOTUS signals that abortion rights are fading, in allowing Kentucky ultrasound law to stand

–cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder commits $25 million to fight anti-Semitism, will expose all offenders except Trump

–in Saturday mob rally with Israeli American Council, Trump spews anti-Semitic tropes of wealth, frugality and dual loyalties

–after Saudi Air Force officer kills 3 in Pensacola, Trump defends the Saudis

–in its coverage, WhoWhatWhy reminds us of the coverup in Suadi’s role in 9/11

–Amazon cries foul over Trump’s interference in JEDI contract

–French pension strike renews protests in France

–Hong Kong sees largest march in weeks, mostly peaceful

–Trump’s whack-a-mole strategy on migration gets new challenge: Mexicans fleeing violence in Mexico

–Newsweek reporter resigns in protest after editors refused to publish his factual report on OPCW scandal over dubious reports of chemical agents in Douma

–in 3-minute video report at The Intercept, Ryan Grim argues that the “Bernie blackout” may help Sanders