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PBC News & Comment, 12.11.19: IG Exposes FISA Corruption and Media Malpractice

Even Lindsay Graham calls for major reforms to FISA and FBI, as CNN report of Manafort FISA warrant is contradicted…--FBI’s misrepresentations to FISA court in Carter Page warrant weren’t the first, as Charlie Savage details in NY Times

--WashPost’s Erik Wemple nails CNN for report based on anonymous sources that said Manafort and Flynn were subjects of FISA warrants

--channeling Trump, AG Barr hammers the FBI, and some of his claims are true

--Ray McGovern has much more faith in Barr and John Durham than your humble host

--in Senate hearing, Horowitz stands by his report, and Sen. Graham grandstands

--“impeachment lite” will go forward with just 2 articles, to widespread dismay

--Trump is expected to sign executive order redefining Judaism as a race and nationality, using problematic definition of anti-Semitism

--at MintPress, Adam McLeod properly calls it “criminalization of dissent”

--in part 3 of “the Afghanistan Papers”, WashPost details billions wasted on reconstruction

--in The Hague, Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi whitewashes Rohynga genocide charges

--federal judge in Texas blocks construction of border wall with funds diverted under claimed “national emergency”

--4,000 truck drivers are stranded nationwide as Celadon files bankruptcy

--sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s bail is raised to $5 million as he faces trial in January, and tries to settle civil cases in $25 million deal

--Buttigieg campaign releases McKinsey clients Pete worked for

--confirming Greg Palast’s comments in latest podcast interview, new audit shows PG&E diverted funds intended to underground power lines, as plans for public ownership gain momentum and polls show public rejection of PG&E