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PBC News & Comment: GOP Circus Tries to Derail Impeachment-Lite

As Democrats move to pass 2 articles of impeachment along party lines, Republiclowns use every available diversion tactic in the book…–in political ping pong, D’s and R’s trade same old talking points to the point that nobody’s listening

–new poll shows Americans don’t understand the steps of impeachment and 47% support impeachment and removal of Trump

WashPost lists 27 arguments the Republicans repeat over and over

Guardian op-ed by Geoffrey Kabaservice argues that GOP antics could cost them at election time

–Trump’s order identifying Jews as a race and nationality gets tepid reaction from NY Times editors,  rejection from writer Kate Aranoff

–Knesset couldn’t form a government, so Israel will hold 3rd election in less thana year

WashPost Afghan Papers part 4 zeroes in on US-fueled corruption

–House Dems throw more money at the Pentagon, and throw out the provisions to prevent US war on Iran and Yemen

–Pentagon investigator will look at Trump’s effort to steer Wall construction to unqualified company owned by a MAGA man, as a second federal judge blocks diversion of funds to build Wall

–Senate continues to confirm extreme, unqualified white guys to federal courts

–lawyers challenge the conviction of Dzhohkar Tsarnaev for Boston bombing

–at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou—who arrested Abu Zubaydeh—comments on NY Times publication of Zubaydeh’s drawings of torture he received

–Fusion GPS founders refused to talk to Inspector General, but tell Britons they need their own Mueller investigation

–Glenn Greenwald breaks his silence, slams FBI and media

–Kevin Gosztola outs Committee to Protect Journalists, which excludes Julian Assange from annual list of jailed journalists

–Fox anchor Chris Wallace hits Trump for assault on the press

–after racist comments on Tucker Carlson’s show, AOC fights back