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In-Depth Interview: Climate Journalist and Author Dahr Jamail Wrestles With Depression & Despair

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Dahr Jamail returns to our podcast, nearly a year after his important book, The End of Ice, was published.  He speaks candidly about depression and despair, and why he’s stepped away from daily reporting on the climate emergency.The full title of Jamail’s book is The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption. You can read his moving essay, which we discuss, here.

In this year-end conversation, we look back at the year since Jamail’s book was published, and the emotions he has experienced interacting with audiences at book readings and other events.  We discuss how detailed knowledge of impending extinction weighs heavily on the scientists and journalists involved, and Jamail is quite honest about about his own struggles with depression and the fight against despair.  He’s burned out from reporting, and announces a new book project in collaboration with Native American elder Stan Rushworth.

He describes his return to his beloved Alaska in November, where he confronted the accelerating pace of warming and was moved to tears at a speaking engagement in Homer, which he recounted in the essay linked above.