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PBC News & Comment: Pelosi & McConnell Vie For Impeachment Leverage

In shrewd move, Pelosi holds the football, and won’t pass it to McConnell before rules of the game are clear….–the unexpected move shows Pelosi has mastery of procedure, and it also upstaged the impeachment votes

–Trump counter-programmed with a mob rally in Battle Creek, delivering 2-hour ramble with snap, crackle, pop and defaming the late John Dingell

–in his annual marathon news conference Vladimir Putin says the Trump impeachment charges are “absolutely made up”

–in curious attempt to “unify”, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted “present”

–NJ Rep. Jeff van Drew switches to GOP, went to kiss The Don’s ring in Oval Office visit

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan compiled an A to Z list of impeachable offenses

–at ConsortiumNews, law professor Steven Lubet clarifies the role of senators in trial, they aren’t really jurors

–federal appeals court shreds individual mandate, a major blow to Obamacare

PBS is hosting the Demprez debate in LA tonight, so don’t expect many tough questions

–following example of House races in 2018, Senate Dems back former Republicans in key races

–as the “twenty-teens” come to an end, we are sliding backwards in addressing climate crisis

–at The Intercept, Kate Aronoff details how rich nations blocked any meaningful progress at recent Madrid conference

–in fresh, emotional interview, journalist Dahr Jamail wrestles with depression and despair over inaction that threatens his beloved Denali

–California’s AB5 was intended to protect Uber drivers, but it’s screwing freelance journalists

–Trump campaign is using phone location data to ID voters

–new study by NIST shows racial bias in false positives from facial recognition systems

–facing widening protests over exclusionary citizenship law, India shuts off internet and cell service in major cities