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PBC News & Comment: Talking Back to Trump About Iran

We open the podcast with Trump’s brief address on Iran’s counterattack, and call out the lies and blame shifting…--Iran telegraphed its impending missile launches via Iraq, and appears to have intentionally avoided hitting Americans and Iraqis

--before Trump’s speech, Pepe Escobar’s sources tipped him that Trump would move to de-escalate

--Trump plays to neocons with bluster that “Iran will never get a nuclear weapon” while he’s president, continuing the charade about Iran’s true intentions

--even Buzzfeed, corporate media for millenials, says Iran isn’t trying to build nuclear weapons

--and uber-Neocon Max Boot says Trump has moved Iran closer to a nuke power

--Trump’s offers to negotiate and pursue peace aren’t credible, and the world knows it, according to new Pew poll

--PBC’s view of Iran’s message: we can hit Israel, we want US out of Mideast, we don’t want war with US

--just hours after Iranian assaults, Ukrainian airliner crashed after takeoff from Tehran, killing all 176 passengers and crew

--concerns remain over Iranian cyber warfare capabilities

--Trump loyalist with no media background has contract with Voice of America Persian, which is hard-line regime change propaganda platform now

--an estimated 250 million Indians are striking over Modi’s racist, anti-worker policies

--Pelosi-McConnell standoff over impeachment continues, with war fever added

--leaked memo from Facebook exec says Facebook, not Russia, was responsible for Trump’s election