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PBC News & Comment: Talking Back to Trump About Iran

We open the podcast with Trump’s brief address on Iran’s counterattack, and call out the lies and blame shifting…–Iran telegraphed its impending missile launches via Iraq, and appears to have intentionally avoided hitting Americans and Iraqis

–before Trump’s speech, Pepe Escobar’s sources tipped him that Trump would move to de-escalate

–Trump plays to neocons with bluster that “Iran will never get a nuclear weapon” while he’s president, continuing the charade about Iran’s true intentions

–even Buzzfeed, corporate media for millenials, says Iran isn’t trying to build nuclear weapons

–and uber-Neocon Max Boot says Trump has moved Iran closer to a nuke power

–Trump’s offers to negotiate and pursue peace aren’t credible, and the world knows it, according to new Pew poll

–PBC’s view of Iran’s message: we can hit Israel, we want US out of Mideast, we don’t want war with US

–just hours after Iranian assaults, Ukrainian airliner crashed after takeoff from Tehran, killing all 176 passengers and crew

–concerns remain over Iranian cyber warfare capabilities

–Trump loyalist with no media background has contract with Voice of America Persian, which is hard-line regime change propaganda platform now

–an estimated 250 million Indians are striking over Modi’s racist, anti-worker policies

–Pelosi-McConnell standoff over impeachment continues, with war fever added

–leaked memo from Facebook exec says Facebook, not Russia, was responsible for Trump’s election