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PBC News & Comment: Ukraine Jet Crashed Near Tehran, US Claims It Was Shot Down

Unnamed intelligence sources are cited in reports that Iran “accidentally” shot down the airliner minutes after takeoff, killing all aboard….–disturbing details of Trump’s threats to Iraqi prime minister are reported in international media outlet, Strategic Culture Foundation

NY Times “behind the scenes at the White House” report omits key facts while spinning others

–Iran, which gave early warning to Iraq, says “we did not intend to kill” as part of confusing reaction to the episode

–Team Trump is adding confusion to obfuscation of the “imminent threat” and other matters

–the delayed briefings of Senate and House members produced outrage from most Dems and some Republicans, too

–at ConsortiumNews, attorney Dave Inder Comer reviews international law on assassination

–Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins calls this encounter the “howl of a dying empire”

–House is expected to pass nonbinding resolution to limit Trump’s military action against Iran

–Bernie Sanders offers Senate resolution—binding but unlikely to survive veto—with the same goal

–progressive coalition urges Warren and Sanders to unite to defeat Biden

–Pelosi continues to hold articles of impeachment

–at WhoWhatWhy, an excellent report on GOP gerrymandering guru Tom Hofeller and his ally, FEC nominee James Trainor

–in France, major strike over pension reform enters week 6

–a Mexican man who requested asylum was turned away from Texas border crossing, and killed himself

–Guatemala pushes back on US plan to force Mexican asylum seekers to go to Guatemala, forcing a pause

–at The Grayzone, reporter Leonardo Flores tells the real story of Guaido’s comical efforts to claim power, and how the US media have grossly misreported them

–jailhouse video of Jeffrey Epstein’s failed attempt at suicide has been lost, found, and lost again

–Justin Bieber fans thought their idol was on drugs, as he reveals he has Lyme disease and will share in documentary; check out my podcast with Kris Newby, author of Bitten

–Harry and Meghan plan escape from the monarchy, riling the queen