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PBC News & Comment: Media Exploit Warren’s Twin Attacks on Sanders

As Sanders climbs in polls, desperate Warren claims Berners “trashed” her and that Bernie told her a woman couldn’t win….–timed to affect tonight’s CNN debate, and Iowa caucuses in 3 weeks, this squabble reflects badly on Warren, will probably backfire

–Clinton Dems are going public with slams on Sanders

–in break with past practice, NSA tells Microsoft of “Day One” vulnerability in Windows 10, instead of keeping it secret and exploiting it

–Russiagate promoters seize on highly speculative report of “Russian hacking” of Burisma revealed by Area 1, private firm founded by former NSA officials

–Hillary Clinton pipes up, of course

–in unusual series of articles, WashPost’s Erik Wemple has criticized other corporate media outlets from Russiagate errors: CNN, here, and Rachel Maddow, here

–Hillary should be fighting voter suppression, supporting Democrats in Wisconsin, for example

WhoWhatWhy covers the illegal coordination between candidates and their dark money superPACs

–in the shifting commentary since Trump assassinated Suleimani, the latest from the stable genius, “it doesn’t really matter”

–listener Linda Lewis shared this article about the dissembling

–as prominent journalists resign in protest, Iran’s President Rouhani calls for special court to investigate airliner shootdown

–and European nations trigger dispute process over nuclear deal

–impeachment trial process is announced by Pelosi

–Trump’s lead lawyers are White House counsel Cipollone and evangelical pro-birth lawyer Jay Sekulow

–House Dems reveal their “Clean Future Act”, a sad parody of Green New Deal

–James Murdoch criticizes Sir Rupert over climate denial coverage of Aussie fires

–BlackRock, world’s largest money manager, will divest fossil fuels

–in GrandTheftWall 2.0, Trump plans to steal another $7 billion for the Wall