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PBC News & Comment: Media Exploit Warren’s Twin Attacks on Sanders

As Sanders climbs in polls, desperate Warren claims Berners “trashed” her and that Bernie told her a woman couldn’t win….--timed to affect tonight’s CNN debate, and Iowa caucuses in 3 weeks, this squabble reflects badly on Warren, will probably backfire

--Clinton Dems are going public with slams on Sanders

--in break with past practice, NSA tells Microsoft of “Day One” vulnerability in Windows 10, instead of keeping it secret and exploiting it

--Russiagate promoters seize on highly speculative report of “Russian hacking” of Burisma revealed by Area 1, private firm founded by former NSA officials

--Hillary Clinton pipes up, of course

--in unusual series of articles, WashPost’s Erik Wemple has criticized other corporate media outlets from Russiagate errors: CNN, here, and Rachel Maddow, here

--Hillary should be fighting voter suppression, supporting Democrats in Wisconsin, for example

--WhoWhatWhy covers the illegal coordination between candidates and their dark money superPACs

--in the shifting commentary since Trump assassinated Suleimani, the latest from the stable genius, “it doesn’t really matter”

--listener Linda Lewis shared this article about the dissembling

--as prominent journalists resign in protest, Iran’s President Rouhani calls for special court to investigate airliner shootdown

--and European nations trigger dispute process over nuclear deal

--impeachment trial process is announced by Pelosi

--Trump’s lead lawyers are White House counsel Cipollone and evangelical pro-birth lawyer Jay Sekulow

--House Dems reveal their “Clean Future Act”, a sad parody of Green New Deal

--James Murdoch criticizes Sir Rupert over climate denial coverage of Aussie fires

--BlackRock, world’s largest money manager, will divest fossil fuels

--in GrandTheftWall 2.0, Trump plans to steal another $7 billion for the Wall