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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Deletes 2 Trump Tweets, As It Censors Comments on Iran, Venezuela

–in attacks on Speaker Pelosi, our Dear Tweeter finally discovers the limits of Twitter rules, as Facebook, Instagram censor posts ….—Trump uses tropes about loyalty and patriotism along with other GOP leaders, Rep. Doug Collins actually apologized

–at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone deplores the memes of both parties

–at Grayzone Project, Ben Norton reports Facebook blames sanctions on its censorship of posts seen as pro-Iranian

–Alan McLeod at MintPress adds to the list of blacklisted social media users

–late Friday, Iran admitted responsibility for shooting down Ukrainian jet, and protests were sparked over the weekend

–Canadian reporter Eve Karene Bartlett posts tweet thread by Lebanese activist, who imagines the US is stoking the protests, and they might be right

–the report I mentioned last week, about Trump’s threats to Iraqi prime minister, came from Strategic Culture Foundation, which is rated “questionable” by fact check site

NY Times documents the shifting excuses for assassinating Suleimani

–in fresh podcast interview at WhoWhatWhy, San Francisco project is reducing or eliminating fines and fees for poor violators

–earth rebels, as volcanoes erupt near Manila and Mexico City

–new study shows ocean temperatures continue to rise

–Homeland Security calls climate change activists known as the “valve turners” extremists, and lists them next to actual extremists

–Sen. Cory Booker ends presidential campaign

–Bloomberg pledges up to $1 billion to beat Trump, even if he’s not the nominee

–as Sanders takes the lead in Iowa poll, he draws more scrutiny and some false attacks, including this yellow gem from the WashPost

–the great drummer and songwriter Neil Peart of Rush dies at 67; here’s one of my favorite tunes by Rush