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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Deletes 2 Trump Tweets, As It Censors Comments on Iran, Venezuela

--in attacks on Speaker Pelosi, our Dear Tweeter finally discovers the limits of Twitter rules, as Facebook, Instagram censor posts ….---Trump uses tropes about loyalty and patriotism along with other GOP leaders, Rep. Doug Collins actually apologized

--at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone deplores the memes of both parties

--at Grayzone Project, Ben Norton reports Facebook blames sanctions on its censorship of posts seen as pro-Iranian

--Alan McLeod at MintPress adds to the list of blacklisted social media users

--late Friday, Iran admitted responsibility for shooting down Ukrainian jet, and protests were sparked over the weekend

--Canadian reporter Eve Karene Bartlett posts tweet thread by Lebanese activist, who imagines the US is stoking the protests, and they might be right

--the report I mentioned last week, about Trump’s threats to Iraqi prime minister, came from Strategic Culture Foundation, which is rated “questionable” by fact check site

--NY Times documents the shifting excuses for assassinating Suleimani

--in fresh podcast interview at WhoWhatWhy, San Francisco project is reducing or eliminating fines and fees for poor violators

--earth rebels, as volcanoes erupt near Manila and Mexico City

--new study shows ocean temperatures continue to rise

--Homeland Security calls climate change activists known as the “valve turners” extremists, and lists them next to actual extremists

--Sen. Cory Booker ends presidential campaign

--Bloomberg pledges up to $1 billion to beat Trump, even if he’s not the nominee

--as Sanders takes the lead in Iowa poll, he draws more scrutiny and some false attacks, including this yellow gem from the WashPost

--the great drummer and songwriter Neil Peart of Rush dies at 67; here’s one of my favorite tunes by Rush