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PBC News & Comment: As Trump Trial Begins, Corporate Dems Swiftboat Sanders

First Warren, then Biden, and now Hillary Clinton slam Sanders over his strengths, classic swiftboating that demonstrates contempt for voters….--ruthless partisan Mitch McConnell says he has votes to support his rules for a trial that is an endurance contest for senators and the public, with 12-hour sessions starting at 1pm

--like Trump’s blustering tweets, the defense team attacks the process and ignores the evidence, led by world-class hypocrites Dershowitz and Starr

--if there is a vote to allow witnesses and evidence, the trial could go on for weeks, may need a recess for depositions

--Dems challenge Trump’s lead lawyer, Pat Cippillone, because he was a witness and possible participant in Ukraine scheme

--Trump distracts with self-congratulatory speech at Davos, basking in the oligarch love he desperately seeks

--as Demprez candidates locked arms in MLK Day march, a continuous barrage of attacks on Sanders is observed

--misleading headlines, like this one from NY Times, feed misinformation, since most people never read the actual article

--Sanders apologizes for op-ed by Zephyr Teachout, which correctly argues that Biden is a corporate tool who poses as a friend to the middle class

--Hillary Clinton piles on with interview about Sanders: “nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him”, reigniting 2016 conflicts

--former Clinton campaign advisors Peter and Leela Daou say Hillary’s attacks are a big mistake

--Sanders comments in New Hampshire, delivering a sound bite that’s not perfect, but the full quote is better

--at The Nation, Elie Mystal says his feelings prove that Warren told the truth; MSDNC’s Joy Reid trots out “body language expert” for her proof

--Boston’s conservative Herald posts op-ed by Michael Graham about Warren’s record

--CNN’s Chris Cillizza says Bernie should send Hillary a thank-you note

--and Buzzfeed quotes Berners who are even more committed

--Trump and his trolls are trying to pit Pelosi against Sanders for delaying trial

--at WashPost, Jennifer Rubin relishes this moment, packing all the recent attacks into one ugly column

--and Kevin Gosztola goes deep with a list of bad faith arguments against Sanders

--ever the corporate gatekeeper, NY Times offers dual endorsements of Warren and Klobuchar, with numerous swipes at Sanders

--in Oakland, the moms who occupied vacant home may get it back, legally

--former San Francisco DA and supervisor Terence Hallinan dies at 83

--Santa Clara 49ers are going to the Superbowl; if they win, where will the victory parade be held?