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PBC News & Comment: In Trump Trial, Dems Fight GOP Cult of Deep Denial

Comments on Day 1 of the trial, plus Glenn Greenwald fights Bolsonaro’s hacking charges, ConsortiumNews and Tulsi Gabbard file libel claims….--Ed Snowden defends Greenwald as Brazil tries to block his exposes of corruption by the anti-corruption prosecutor, and Kevin Gosztola offers good coverage

--Tulsi Gabard files $50 million libel case against Hillary Clinton for her “Russian asset” smear

--ConsortiumNews files libel notices against Canadian spy agency and TV network over false claims that it’s part of Russian propaganda campaign

--Media Malpractice: The Grayzone reports new evidence that chemical weapons agency falsified report of Syrian chemical events in Douma in 2018

--CNN national poll shows Sanders up 7 points in a month, leads Biden and others

--Biden and Sanders trade criticism over Social Security, as Trump tells Davos news conference he predicts cuts

--PBC comments on NY Times endorsement of Warren, Klobuchar

--hints surface of imminent peace agreement with Taliban in Afghanistan

--investigators for Jeff Bezos say Amazon founder’s phone was hacked by phone of Saudi prince MBS

--Grammy organization is roiled by suspension of chief executive, who says her predecessor retired after rape charge, got payoff

--Monty Python co-founder and movie director Terry Jones dies at 77

From the impeachment file: Your humble host comments on many aspects of the trial, from his own notes and various media commentary.