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In-Depth Interview: Trump Bullied Iraq with Sinister Threats–Far Worse Than Ukraine

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Investigative reporter Whitney Webb returns to detail her recent report of the Iraqi prime minister’s serious claims that Trump threatened to have him killed.As Webb reports at MintPress News, a full translation of the remarks made to Parliament by Iraq’s prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on January 5 include serious charges of what Webb calls “gangster diplomacy” that are far more troubling than the Ukraine scheme that is at the center of the current impeachment trial.

Webb explains that Mahdi stated that he wants US troops out of Iraq (as reported in corporate media); that Gen. Suleimani of Iran was on a peace mission being mediated by Iraq when he was killed (first reported by Max Blumenthal).

But the most alarming charges have been blacked out my US corporate media. Abdul Mahdi says that Trump demanded 50% of Iraq oil revenues in exchange for completion of stalled reconstruction projects.  Abdul Mahdi made a deal with China in late September, 2019, to get the work done for 20% of oil revenues.

Abdul Madhi adds that Trump then threatened street protests in Iraq, which materialized in October, and Abdul Mahdi believes the US deployed snipers to add to the mayhem.  When Abdul Mahdi refused to cancel the deal with China, Trump threatened him further, and the Prime Minister resigned.

Kudos to Webb and MintPress for this courageous reporting!

Webb lives in a rural area of Chile, and our Skype connection was garbled at a few points in this interview.