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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Jumps to Big Lead in NH, WashPost Slams His Supporters

New WBUR poll shows Sanders leads Biden and Warren by 13+ points, so WashPost suspects Berners are using Russian tactics on Facebook…

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--poll shows Sanders 29%, Buttigieg 17, Biden 14, Warren 13

--Forbes, the self-styled “capitalist tool” reports their poll that shows Sanders owns the youth vote

--The Post says Bernie’s fans are crushing it on Facebook, and suggests they are like Russian bots

--in errant tweet, Joe Biden dings Trump over Venezuela, but shows he supports the imaginary president, Guiado

--former Wells Fargo CEO slammed with massive fine for “toxic sales culture”, but no criminal charges or penalties

--Trump lowers standards for clean water

--in central California, Monarch butterflies are battling extinction

--more protests in Bagdhad, demanding US withdrawal

--methodically stroking his base and countering Senate trial, Trump speaks to anti-abortion march

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