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PBC News & Comment: Trump Trial Roiled by Bolton, Parnas; Sanders Surge Draws New Attacks

New polls show Sanders on top in Iowa and New Hampshire, and only 3 points behind Biden in national poll averages

NY Times joins WashPost in fretting over Bernie’s strong supporters, some of whom are quite aggressive

The Times also runs warnings from Pennsylvania that fracking ban supported by Sanders and Warren is a loser

–Ezra Klein uses data and arguments that Sanders can’t win

–and Times also publishes strong op-ed “Bernie Will Have to Fight Dirty”

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang and Ryan Grim detail Biden’s lies about Social Security and his longtime advisor, Bruce Reed

–great reporting at the Grayzone: Kevin Gosztola shows how DNC is stacking the deck against Sanders

–Max Blumenthal and Alex Rubenstein unpack Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy advisors, a gaggle of Clinton and Obama hawks

–Netanyahu opponent Benny Gantz slips out of Bibi’s trap, will meet separately with Trump, then return to Israel to try to block immunity for Netanyahu

–in another ugly tilt to Trump, Supreme Court allows implementation of new rule to punish immigrants who use public benefits

–US media downplay massive protests in Iraq, as Green Zone is hit with rockets again

–at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone reports that other prisoners at Belmarsh spoke up for ending solitary for Julian Assange

–in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, David Daley reveals the racist gerrymandering guided by the late Thomas Hofeller

–and here, PBC posts interview with Anne Stuhldreher on San Francisco’s Economic Justice Project, aimed at reducing criminalization of poverty

WashPost political reported suspended for tweeting accurate story about Kobe Bryant’s rape case

The impeachment file

–Lev Parnas drops video of Trump wheeling and dealing special favors to fat cat donors, where Parnas asks him to fire Ambassador Yovanovich

–followed by the artful leak of quotes from Bolton’s manuscript, which contradict trial arguments made by Trump’s dream team of lawyers

–Mike Pompeo goes fake news postal on NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, dropping frequent lies and F-bombs