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PBC News & Comment: Trump Trial Roiled by Bolton, Parnas; Sanders Surge Draws New Attacks

New polls show Sanders on top in Iowa and New Hampshire, and only 3 points behind Biden in national poll averages

--NY Times joins WashPost in fretting over Bernie’s strong supporters, some of whom are quite aggressive

--The Times also runs warnings from Pennsylvania that fracking ban supported by Sanders and Warren is a loser

--Ezra Klein uses data and arguments that Sanders can’t win

--and Times also publishes strong op-ed “Bernie Will Have to Fight Dirty”

--at The Intercept, Lee Fang and Ryan Grim detail Biden’s lies about Social Security and his longtime advisor, Bruce Reed

--great reporting at the Grayzone: Kevin Gosztola shows how DNC is stacking the deck against Sanders

--Max Blumenthal and Alex Rubenstein unpack Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy advisors, a gaggle of Clinton and Obama hawks

--Netanyahu opponent Benny Gantz slips out of Bibi’s trap, will meet separately with Trump, then return to Israel to try to block immunity for Netanyahu

--in another ugly tilt to Trump, Supreme Court allows implementation of new rule to punish immigrants who use public benefits

--US media downplay massive protests in Iraq, as Green Zone is hit with rockets again

--at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone reports that other prisoners at Belmarsh spoke up for ending solitary for Julian Assange

--in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, David Daley reveals the racist gerrymandering guided by the late Thomas Hofeller

--and here, PBC posts interview with Anne Stuhldreher on San Francisco’s Economic Justice Project, aimed at reducing criminalization of poverty

--WashPost political reported suspended for tweeting accurate story about Kobe Bryant’s rape case

The impeachment file

--Lev Parnas drops video of Trump wheeling and dealing special favors to fat cat donors, where Parnas asks him to fire Ambassador Yovanovich

--followed by the artful leak of quotes from Bolton’s manuscript, which contradict trial arguments made by Trump’s dream team of lawyers

--Mike Pompeo goes fake news postal on NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, dropping frequent lies and F-bombs