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PBC News & Comment: As GOP Rests in Trump Trial, Bolton Accounts Linger

Trump’s legal team wrapped up after only 2 hours, trying to ignore Bolton’s accounts of Trump’s Ukraine schemes and end the trial…–more leaks from Bolton’s book draft pressure GOP senators to ask to read it

–new reports portray a delusional authoritarian who likes dictators and does favors for them

–former NSC staffer Jonathan Stevenson offers ideas about Bolton’s motives

NY Times editorial leans on GOP senators to end denial, face the music

–and MSNBC contributor, former US attorney Barbara McQuade argues that Trump’s tweets against Bolton may eliminate executive privilege claims

–in yesterday’s defense presentations, which included weird claims by Ken Starr and Alan Derschowitz, Pam Bondi’s attack on the Bidens will play well on Fox

–while visiting Trump to distract us from the trial, and to distract Israelis from his own corruption, Netanyahu withdraws immunity plea

–Trump declares peace in premature ejaculation used to distract

–at Guantanamo hearing, CIA torture consultant James Mitchell confirms there were other torture teams, including one run by “the Preacher”

–“stop Bernie” efforts are building, as NY Times skews report based on 30 undecided voters

–federal court overturns some election rules in Arizona, neutralizing some voter suppression efforts

–SecState Pompeo proves he’s a petty partisan, bumps NPR reporter from trip to Ukraine and other countries