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PBC News & Comment: Puzzled Corporate Dems Ask “How Can We Stop Bernie?”

Sanders is rising in the polls, grabbing Boomer votes from Biden after Warren’s slide, and the Clinton wing is scrambling…–review the state by state polling at 538 here

–AIPAC-aligned SuperPac drops negative ad on Sanders in Iowa, watch it here

–at WashPost, Jennifer Rubin needs laugh track for her linkage of Sanders to Trump

–but her reporting colleagues warn that attacks on Sanders will backfire

–Jonathan Chait cobbles together his greatest slams on Bernie, and Eric Blanc at Jacobin takes them apart

–Trump has been tweeting more about Sanders, and his advisors argue about whether Don could lose to Bernie

Buzzfeed catches different sample of Iowa voters who fear Sanders, and all say they’d vote for him over Trump

–Biden-Sanders debate over social security is costing Biden in the polls, and PBC says “Okay!” to fellow Boomers

–testy Joe Biden tells another Iowa voter to pick somebody else

–Kevin Gosztola follows up on his coverage of DNC packing committees with Sanders’ foes

–on Trump’s claim of a “peace deal”, skepticism is shared by Joe Lauria, Tom Friedman, and NY Times heavy David Sanger

–at The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda detail threats and attacks leading up to Greenwald being charged with crimes

Guardian also has interesting report on Trump’s use of Facebook

–Senate trial of Trump moves to the Jeopardy round, Q & A

–Friday’s vote on witnesses still uncertain

–Trump’s brief defense arguments infused with the arrogance of knowing he can’t lost

–Senate members of Trump cult offer talking points to duck responsibility for witness testimony

–Headlines: riot police in Paris use water cannons on firefighters; Trump signs USMCA trade pact; US has deployed diet-nukes on submarine; Jeffrey Epstein’s sugar daddy, Les Wexner, seems ready to retire; Warren Buffet sells newspaper holdings, b’cuz they’re “toast”