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PBC News & Comment: House Repeals Blank Check It Gave to Bush

After many attempts, Rep. Barbara Lee’s effort to repeal 2002 AUMF passes the House, hoping to limit Trump’s Iran options….–over Iraq’s objections, US plans new bases near Iran border

–first American case of human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus is reported in Chicago, as death toll mounts in China; WHO declares public health emergency

–at ConsortiumNews, former UK ambassador Craig Murray proves that the FBI has been lying about Seth Rich

–Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail refused service of Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation suit

— Clinton allies on DNC approved exit pay for Tom Perez, who says he didn’t ask for it, and won’t take it

–minor party activist Roger Harris responds to plea from the Chomsky left to disappear so Dems can beat Trump

–Buttigieg makes first critical comments about Biden and Sanders as Warren makes last push in Iowa

–in Cleveland, African-American Trump ally tries to buy votes with $25,000 cash giveaway

–ahead of his third trial, “valve turner” Ken Ward makes his case in op-ed

–at Mexican border, lengthy tunnel is exposed as part of new Trump wall blows over

–hunger strike by asylum seekers in Louisiana lockup reaches 4th month

–effective tomorrow, Brexit is finally a done deal

–as Bob Shane, founding member of Kingston Trio dies, author Brad Schreiber talks about the power of music in new book and fresh podcast interview

from the impeachment file

–the 16-hour question phase of the Trump trial is mostly boring, predictable

–Republicans project confidence they can beat the vote for witnesses, and move to end the trial on Friday; Dems have other plans

–Alan Dershowitz’s sweeping claims of Trump’s immunity from impeachment delight GOP senators, draw derision from Schumer and Prof. Turley