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PBC News & Comment: House Repeals Blank Check It Gave to Bush

After many attempts, Rep. Barbara Lee’s effort to repeal 2002 AUMF passes the House, hoping to limit Trump’s Iran options….--over Iraq’s objections, US plans new bases near Iran border

--first American case of human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus is reported in Chicago, as death toll mounts in China; WHO declares public health emergency

--at ConsortiumNews, former UK ambassador Craig Murray proves that the FBI has been lying about Seth Rich

--Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail refused service of Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation suit

-- Clinton allies on DNC approved exit pay for Tom Perez, who says he didn’t ask for it, and won’t take it

--minor party activist Roger Harris responds to plea from the Chomsky left to disappear so Dems can beat Trump

--Buttigieg makes first critical comments about Biden and Sanders as Warren makes last push in Iowa

--in Cleveland, African-American Trump ally tries to buy votes with $25,000 cash giveaway

--ahead of his third trial, “valve turner” Ken Ward makes his case in op-ed

--at Mexican border, lengthy tunnel is exposed as part of new Trump wall blows over

--hunger strike by asylum seekers in Louisiana lockup reaches 4th month

--effective tomorrow, Brexit is finally a done deal

--as Bob Shane, founding member of Kingston Trio dies, author Brad Schreiber talks about the power of music in new book and fresh podcast interview

from the impeachment file

--the 16-hour question phase of the Trump trial is mostly boring, predictable

--Republicans project confidence they can beat the vote for witnesses, and move to end the trial on Friday; Dems have other plans

--Alan Dershowitz’s sweeping claims of Trump’s immunity from impeachment delight GOP senators, draw derision from Schumer and Prof. Turley