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PBC News & Comment: Farewell to the American Republic, As We Knew It

GOP Sens. Alexander, Murkowski employ insulting talking points to cover their dereliction of duty, violation of oath, contempt for Constitution….–yes, the Democrats blew the impeachment in many ways, but lockstep loyalty to Trump by Republican posers signals the end of 3-branch governance

–and now we have a corrupt, narcissistic dictator who can’t be stopped

–Romney and Collins call for witnesses, but fail to offer any leadership or strong criticism of hypocritical colleagues

–new leaks from Bolton say he met with Trump, Giuliani, Mulvaney and Cippilone in May of 19, earliest huddle about Biden investigations/Ukraine

–4 wobbly Dems may vote with GOP on procedures and acquittal, giving Trump claim of bipartisan vindication

–awkward timing: Pompeo visits Ukraine, makes Zelensky dance to happy tune

–in Iowa last night, Trump reveled in mob affection, and reeled off a con man’s list of his successes

–at The Guardian, Hamilton Nolan correctly argues that Bernie Sanders’ real obstacle is the Democratic establishment

–in fresh, in-depth interview, ConsortiumNews editor in chief Joe Lauria fights back against “Russian tool” smears in Canadian media reports from spy agency

–adding to our growing reputation as a dangerous, rogue nation, Pentagon announces we will resume using landmines after Obama phased them out

–in California and Texas, TrumpCo is using sneaky means to undermine abortion rights and Planned Parenthood

–Trump and Bloomberg campaigns drop $11 million each for Superbowl ads

–NFL has erased Colin Kaepernick with slick commercial on killer cops, and Samer Kalaf has sharp comments in this op-ed

–IRS whistleblower investigation continues, but where does it go now?

–PBC tries to return the threatening pre-dawn robocall he got today