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In-Depth Interview: Editor Joe Lauria Fights Canadian Smears of ConsortiumNews as “Russian directed” outlet

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Based on Canadian spy agency claim, Canada’s Global News smeared the very-independent Consortium News, and editor Joe Lauria is lawyered up, fighting back.This podcast has enjoyed a long relationship with independent media outlet Consortium News, starting with founding editor Robert Parry and continuing with his successor, Joe Lauria.  It has a stellar record of accurate reporting.

As Lauria explains, the article at the center of this case is not in dispute.  It reported that top Canadian official Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather worked for the Nazis.  When Freeland was asked about it during a campaign, she sidestepped the issue by suggesting it was Russian propaganda.

More recently, a major Canadian media company with print and TV outlets cited a report from the Canadian equivalent of our NSA, and said that Consortium News was “part of a cyber-influence campaign directed by Russia”.

Consortium News has hired lawyers in Canada to demand corrections and an apology, as Lauria explains in this interview.  You can read his article here.