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In-Depth Interview: Pedophile Investigator Nick Bryant Pushes for Investigations of Epstein’s Enablers

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Nick Bryant, the courageous investigative reporter who exposed the Franklin scandal of the 1980’s, demands investigations of Epstein’s enablers of pedophilia.Bryant exposed the trafficking of orphans from Boys Town to Beltway politicians in the 1980’s in his book The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal. In 2015, after he got Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book”, he discussed it with me in this podcast.

Currently, Bryant is demanding action in the investigations of Epstein’s main procurer of young girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, along with other enablers who’ve been named by the NY Times.  He invites you to sign this petition demanding justice for Epstein’s victims.

In this conversation, Bryant notes the role of Attorney General Bill Barr in covering up Iran-Contra and the Franklin sex scandal, and fears that he is burying the Epstein scandal, too.  Bryant says that organizations focused on child trafficking seem to be afraid to lobby for justice in the Epstein case.  We discuss many aspects of Epstein’s blackmail of public and private figures, and that Barr may be protecting people like Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz.