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PBC News & Comment: Bill Barr is GOP’s Veteran Coverup Specialist

AG Barr’s criticism of Trump’s tweets about Roger Stone belies his long coverup history, from Iran Contra to Jeffrey Epstein….–Trump claims he didn’t instruct Barr to change Stone’s sentencing memo, and that he has a legal right to micro-manage Justice Dept.

–in new errand to please Trump, Barr names outside prosecutor to look at Mike Flynn prosecution

–in fresh, in-depth interview, investigative reporter and author Nick Bryant says Barr covered up the Franklin scandal Bryant exposed, and isn’t pursuing Epstein’s enablers

–hear PBC podcast with Bryant about Epstein’s “black book” from 2015 here

–Michael Avenatti, former lawyer for Stormy Daniels, is convicted of attempted shakedown of Nike

–DC Appeals Court unanimously strikes down Trump’s Medicaid work requirement

–in another episode of “Grand Theft—Wall”, Pentagon will divert almost $4 billion from National Guard equipment fund to pay for wall construction

–AIPAC members are funding attack ads on Sanders in Nevada,  joined by new dark money PAC named “Beat Bernie 2020”

–economist/columnist Paul Krugman flatly says Bernie isn’t a socialist

–Jonathan Turley comments on Beltway schemes to crush Sanders

–every day we learn more about Bloomberg’s regressive views; today, reports cover NSA surveillance , his terrible record on sexual harassment, and a commentary on his racist policies

–USF Prof. Stephen Zunes raises concerns about Klobuchar’s support of Israel at the expense of our free speech rights

NY Times front-pager on miscalculations by Iran and US fails to mention that false intel was used to justify US attacks in Iraq leading to Soleimani assassination

–US talks up peace prospects in Afghanistan, calling for Taliban to reduce violence as US airstrikes kill 8 more civilians

–US troops in Syria face threats from Syrian and Russian forces, along with civilians

NY Times promotes Russophobia in report on little Kansas City radio station that airs Sputnik programs