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PBC News & Comment: Bill Barr is GOP’s Veteran Coverup Specialist

AG Barr’s criticism of Trump’s tweets about Roger Stone belies his long coverup history, from Iran Contra to Jeffrey Epstein….--Trump claims he didn’t instruct Barr to change Stone’s sentencing memo, and that he has a legal right to micro-manage Justice Dept.

--in new errand to please Trump, Barr names outside prosecutor to look at Mike Flynn prosecution

--in fresh, in-depth interview, investigative reporter and author Nick Bryant says Barr covered up the Franklin scandal Bryant exposed, and isn’t pursuing Epstein’s enablers

--hear PBC podcast with Bryant about Epstein’s “black book” from 2015 here

--Michael Avenatti, former lawyer for Stormy Daniels, is convicted of attempted shakedown of Nike

--DC Appeals Court unanimously strikes down Trump’s Medicaid work requirement

--in another episode of “Grand Theft—Wall”, Pentagon will divert almost $4 billion from National Guard equipment fund to pay for wall construction

--AIPAC members are funding attack ads on Sanders in Nevada,  joined by new dark money PAC named “Beat Bernie 2020”

--economist/columnist Paul Krugman flatly says Bernie isn’t a socialist

--Jonathan Turley comments on Beltway schemes to crush Sanders

--every day we learn more about Bloomberg’s regressive views; today, reports cover NSA surveillance , his terrible record on sexual harassment, and a commentary on his racist policies

--USF Prof. Stephen Zunes raises concerns about Klobuchar’s support of Israel at the expense of our free speech rights

--NY Times front-pager on miscalculations by Iran and US fails to mention that false intel was used to justify US attacks in Iraq leading to Soleimani assassination

--US talks up peace prospects in Afghanistan, calling for Taliban to reduce violence as US airstrikes kill 8 more civilians

--US troops in Syria face threats from Syrian and Russian forces, along with civilians

--NY Times promotes Russophobia in report on little Kansas City radio station that airs Sputnik programs