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PBC News & Comment: Warren Slashes Bloomberg and Rivals in Vegas

In his first debate, Bloomberg took major hits from all sides, led by Feisty Elizabeth Warren; frontrunner Sanders largely unscathed….–team Bloomberg leaked memo that underscores their arrogance: dire warning that Sanders can win nomination, so also-rans must exit to make way for Mike

–Bloomberg said his target is Trump, but he’s now focused on Sanders, as Alan McLeod reports at MintPress; PBC says the billionaire’s assault will backfire

WashPost pundits say Sanders won, NY Times gives it to Warren

–moderators promoted attacks and interruptions, occasionally adding fresh chum to shark fight

–Intercept writers have best one liner: Warren’s performance may turn out to be “murder-suicide”

–lower-tier candidates Pete and Amy attacked each other

–at WashPost, gatekeeper Megan McArdle is terrified to see Sanders do well

–after Trump’s unprecedented interference, Roger Stone draws 40-month prison sentence, in part for lying about contacts with Julian Assange

–former GOP Rep. Rohrabacher clarifies that Trump did not pre-approve pardon offer to Assange

–after visiting Assange, UK’s shadow chancellor calls extradition bid “the Dreyfus case of our age”

–Australian legislators demand that Britain block the extradition, and return Assange to Australia

–as it demands extradition of Assange, US blocks return to Britain of CIA agent who killed a British teen in traffic accident

–Kevin Gosztola has details of yesterday’s legal filing for Chelsea Manning

–Epstein enabler Les Wexner sells Victoria’s Secret and retires

–coverup of Catholic sex crimes included money transfers from US cardinal who resigned in disgrace

–Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy amid sex crime claims

–federal appeals court blocks Florida GOP effort to keep ex-cons from voting

WhoWhatWhy report also warns that election systems are vulnerable

–Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, blasts John Bolton in talk at Vanderbilt

–Mick Mulvaney, who blurted out the truth about Ukraine quid pro quo, sounds alarm on GOP increase in federal debt