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PBC News & Comment: Bloomberg Caves to Warren’s Pressure on NDA’s

Elizabeth Warren notches a win over billionaire Bloomberg, who reverses debate position, will release women from gag agreements over harassment….–as Bloomberg’s spending passes $450 million, campaign releases selectively edited video of Las Vegas smackdown debate

–Democrat who almost beat Peter King in 2018 blames Bloomberg’s support of the neanderthal congressman

–AOC is building progressive campaign operation to support challengers

–Sanders will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday, and slams Bloomberg in promo clip

NY Times pundits talk about Sanders: David Brooks predicts he will get the nomination because he is a successful political mythmaker; Paul Krugman disses Medicare for All, says Dems should focus on Wall Street corruption, Frank Bruni says Dems are “bound for disaster” and Michelle Cottle reprises the hits on Sanders that didn’t resonate in Vegas debate

–in fresh, in-depth interview, PBC spars with former mainstream media pundit Mark Halperin, including this exchange on corporate influence of Pelosi

–Halperin also speaks candidly about his #MeToo downfall, and use of restorative justice

–Harvey Weinstein’s jury is ready to convict on some charges, but appears to be divided on most serious charges

–Iran is holding elections today that clearly are controlled exercises; but US criticism is a wee bit hypocritical, as listener Dick Atlee points out

–if Taliban honors fuzzy “reduction in violence”, US will pull out some troops and mediate talks with Afghan leaders

–Intelligence community issues new, vague warning about Russian interference in election, and Trump goes ballistic, firing his acting DNI

–event though the report came from Trump appointees, our Dear Tweeter says it’s a Democratic hoax

–despite his protests, Barr seems to accept Trump’s continued meddling via Twitter

–Nevada caucuses are being watched closely for repeat of Iowa’s botched vote count, and WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schectman explores the Iowa debacle

–new poll shows heightened concern about climate change, except Republicans

–yellow journalism alert: PBS News Hour biased report on Venezuela, and HuffPost’s claim about “widely debunked conspiracy theory”

–NY attorney gnereal accuses NYC of bilking cab drivers to the tune of $800 million

–Trump keeps punishing NY for issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented, now blocking export of used cars

–2 stories from California’s Big Valley: WashPost finds Bloomberg supporters in Stockton, as noncitizens in farm town of McFarland block ICE prison deal