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PBC News & Comment: OK, Boomers, Time to Deal With Berniephobia

Sanders wins decisively in Nevada, spooking moderate Dems and winning in almost every category, except Boomers, who seem very afraid….--Sanders demonstrated strong support among blacks, Latinos, self-described “moderates”; boomers are afraid of the old socialist

--Bloomberg and establishment Dems see Bernie dominating on Super Tuesday—next week—and no room for anybody else to catch up

--Buttigieg slipped under the viability threshold, so he demands a recount and trashes Sanders

--Friday’s leaked report of “Russian meddling to help Bernie” is 100% fact-free, but it feeds fertile imaginations in media and among Russiagate believers

--on 60 Minutes, Sanders did well, but Anderson Cooper dredged up 35-year-old comments about Cuba, and Bloomberg, other Dems pile on

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan debunks the lies and myths about Sanders

--at Axios, Jim Vandehei says the evidence doesn’t back the claims of fraidy cat Dems

--even centrist WashPost opinion writer Paul Waldman tells Dems: stop freaking out

--and NY Times pundit Paul Krugman posts shortest column ever: Sanders isn’t the Left’s Trump

--and Times news report notes that Sanders is a “teflon candidate”

--Harvey Weinstein convicted on 2 felony sex crimes, acquitted on more serious charges, and is sent to jail

--extradition hearings for Julian Assange begin in London; Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola is on the scene

--and Joe Lauria of Consortium News is there, too

--coronavirus fears tank stock market, Dow drops 3.5%

--Pepe Escobar asks if coronavirus is a bioweapon

--police in Canada busted pipeline protest blockade in Ontario, and 2 new ones pop up