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PBC News & Comment: OK, Boomers, Time to Deal With Berniephobia

Sanders wins decisively in Nevada, spooking moderate Dems and winning in almost every category, except Boomers, who seem very afraid….–Sanders demonstrated strong support among blacks, Latinos, self-described “moderates”; boomers are afraid of the old socialist

–Bloomberg and establishment Dems see Bernie dominating on Super Tuesday—next week—and no room for anybody else to catch up

–Buttigieg slipped under the viability threshold, so he demands a recount and trashes Sanders

–Friday’s leaked report of “Russian meddling to help Bernie” is 100% fact-free, but it feeds fertile imaginations in media and among Russiagate believers

–on 60 Minutes, Sanders did well, but Anderson Cooper dredged up 35-year-old comments about Cuba, and Bloomberg, other Dems pile on

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan debunks the lies and myths about Sanders

–at Axios, Jim Vandehei says the evidence doesn’t back the claims of fraidy cat Dems

–even centrist WashPost opinion writer Paul Waldman tells Dems: stop freaking out

–and NY Times pundit Paul Krugman posts shortest column ever: Sanders isn’t the Left’s Trump

–and Times news report notes that Sanders is a “teflon candidate”

–Harvey Weinstein convicted on 2 felony sex crimes, acquitted on more serious charges, and is sent to jail

–extradition hearings for Julian Assange begin in London; Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola is on the scene

–and Joe Lauria of Consortium News is there, too

–coronavirus fears tank stock market, Dow drops 3.5%

–Pepe Escobar asks if coronavirus is a bioweapon

–police in Canada busted pipeline protest blockade in Ontario, and 2 new ones pop up