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PBC News & Comment: Tonight’s Special Guest at Debate—Fidel Castro?

Based on Anderson Cooper’s gotcha question, Dems will gang up on Sanders for 40-year-old comments about Castro as they ignore regime change wars…--after last week’s focus on Bloomberg, survival of all other candidates depends on undermining Bernie

--Sanders is prepared for the question “How do you pay for it?”

--WashPost says other candidates fear backlash from criticizing Sanders in one story, outlines probable attacks in another

--riffing on the Cuba nonsense, Bloomberg deletes silly tweets that depicted Sanders admiring infamous dictators

--I get mail from Mike Bloomberg almost daily

--based on one primary and 2 very different caucuses, NY Times report concludes that Sanders is not producing high turnout

--Tom Friedman floats fantasy of Democratic super team of rivals

--NY Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, devout Russiagate believer, says Putin would hate a President Sanders

--at The Nation, Aaron Maté says the new fear campaign about Russia helping Sanders is unlikely to hurt him

--MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews apologizes to Sanders for Nazi comparison

--will Pete and Amy give us a sideshow tonight?

--Assange defense details US-led surveillance of embassy and argues that extradition is illegal under British law, as Kevin Gosztola reports

--for ConsortiumNews, Craig Murray reports from the spectator’s gallery

--and The Guardian is a wee bit defensive about how its reporter Luke Harding published password that led to unredacted postings

--as CDC warns of US outbreaks of coronavirus, Dems slam Trump for weak response, and Rush Limbaugh says the virus is just a common cold

--listener Linda Lewis is former disaster planner, and has a list of concerns about America’s defenses to the virus

--Trump is celebrated in India as world’s #1 Muslim basher, and Hindu-Muslim violence has killed 11 in recent days

--Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian dictator pushed out by Obama, is dead at 91