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PBC News & Comment: On Super Tuesday, Lemming Democrats Swung to Biden

Driven by fear and learned helplessness, Boomer Democrats chose fatally flawed Biden as directed by party leaders and media gatekeepers….–Boomer turnout was very strong, Bernie’s millenials and Gen Z, not so much

–Bloomberg claims American Somoa and “biggest loser” title as he exits, leaving clear impression that his real goal was to stop Sanders

–Elizabeth Warren continued losing streak, failing to win home state of Mass, seems ready to drop out, making it a race between 2 old white guys

–2 weeks ago we observed that Warren’s attacks on Bloomberg might be seen as murder suicide; Boss Bloomberg spent as much as $220 per vote

WashPost pundit Jenifer Rubin explores why Warren faded after strong start

NY Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer notes the obvious risks of Biden that millions of voters chose to overlook

–Biden has small delegate lead, but could be hard to catch

NY Magazine’s Eric Levitz has cheery analysis for sad Sanders supporters

–African-American voters are the key to Biden’s resurgence

–in op-ed, the often-wrong Richard Wolffe is right that Democrats are re-playing 2004, when President Kerry was elected

–on victory stage, Biden confused his wife, Jill and his sister, Valerie; then Jill deflected onrush of “Let Dairy Die” protesters

–election problems led to long lines in Texas and Los Angeles

–Jeff Sessions survives to runoff with former Auburn coach, Cenk Uygur gets only 5% in primary, Shahid Buttar will face Pelosi in November

–in PBC podcast, photo editor Rich Cahan talks about River of Blood, powerful photos and testimonials from former slaves

–Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Louisiana’s unconstitutional abortion law, and the rules fro firing head of CFPB

–DOJ inspector general says FBI has failed to fix flaws in “homegrown terrorist” cases, as some House Dems call for tagging foreign white supremacist groups as “terrorists”

–Human Rights Watch returns donation from Saudi billionaire after HRW slammed his exploitation of foreign workers, exposed by The Intercept

–TrumpCo’s weak effort to declare peace in Afghanistan isn’t going so well

–as coronavirus death toll reaches 107 in Italy, schools and universities are closed