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PBC News & Comment, 3.2.20: In Suicide Pact, Dem Leaders Rally Around Biden

2016 redux, as Obama’s “hidden hand” leads Democratic establishment to close ranks behind another obviously flawed candidate, as Berniephobia rules….--voters will have first chance to support Bloomberg vs. Biden scrum

--Warren is staying in, but doesn’t expect to win a state tonight

--Bernie faces crucial test—do enough Dems want radical change?

--party leaders have bet large on a lame, tired horse, again

--Biden disses “revolution” and misreads young voters

--Jeremy Scahill disses neocons 

--Sanders campaign releases memo that only focuses on policy differences with Biden

--Warren goes light on Sanders, but knocks Pete and Amy for endorsing a “fellow Washington insider”

--from Australia, Caitlin Johnstone unloads on the “dementia-addled warmonger”

--and from New Zealand, a report on Obama’s “hidden hand” in the sudden convulsions intended to help Biden

--WashPost opinionist Paul Waldman sees risks in Biden and Sanders

--progressive activist Sam Husseini readies response if Sanders is blocked

--with Biden’s media-driven “surge”, expect to hear more about Ukraine

--NY Post unloads on Biden’s 5 family members who got rich off Joe

--Bloomberg has hidden emails on private server from tenure as mayor

--Boss Bloomberg admits he can’t win without contested convention

--WashPost reporter went to Oklahoma to check on Pete and Amy, but had to settle for Mike’s staff operation

--voting in Tennessee disrupted by tornadoes that killed 22

--offering reassurance while peddling fear, WashPost reports no signs of Russian hacking….so far

--a left-right coalition is emerging in Congress, in opposition to extension of surveillance law

--US death toll from coronavirus reaches 9, as markets slide again despite Fed intervention

--the Chris Matthews PBC once knew wasn’t cranky, interruptive or arrogant

--refugees are used as pawns by Turkey in war with Syria, Erdogan will ask Putin to broker cease-fire

--despite facing criminal corruption charges, Crooked Bibi appears to be close to winning another term

--Apple negotiates settlement that will give $25 to some iPhone owners over planned obsolescence