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PBC News & Comment: As Warren Exits, Ingrained Sexism Blamed

Warren is correct that deep-seated sexism and “electability myth” hampered her campaign….but why didn’t Dem women vote for female candidates?--and Democratic women are silent as DNC changes debate rules—again—to eliminate Tulsi Gabbard; Caitlin Johnstone says Tulsi has been “erased”

--Ryan Grim explains why Warren should endorse Sanders

--in Fox town hall in Scranton, our Stable Genius displayed his own dementia and verbal tics while skillfully skewering Biden’s

--WashPost reporter who’s been covering Biden campaign posts deadly satire that nails the amnesia and denial of Democratic voters

--NY Mayor DiBlasio is slammed for asking if black voters who rallied to Biden know enough about his baggage

--as expected, Biden’s revival has intensified GOP interest in Hunter Biden and Ukraine, as Jared Kushner’s latest profiteering draws yawns

--at Sanders rally in Phoenix yesterday, a man flew a Nazi flag, saluted and yelled smears

--editorial page tag-team of David Brooks and Paul Krugman maintain the effort to stop Bernie

--as NY Times editors front-page another commie smear about Mayor Sanders’ efforts to set up sister city arrangement with Soviet city in 1980's

--WashPost’s Aaron Blake needles The Times, noting that Reagan had promoted sister cities as part of Glasnost

--and Facebook friend David Talbot unloads on The Times

--Bernie takes heat over new TV spot with warm praise from Obama

--another FOIA victory for Jason Leopold, as Judge Walton slams Bill Barr and demands unredacted copy of Mueller report

-Trump campaign sues CNN for libel in its report on Russian meddling to help Trump this year

--coronavirus fells airline industry, and leaves Princess cruise ship adrift off the coast of San Francisco, as Trump continues to exude ignorant confidence

--Facebook drops Trump campaign ads that mimic US Census after Pelosi complains