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PBC News & Comment: Candid Advice for Bernie and Joe

Sanders needs to modify campaign scripts to attract fearful voters; Biden and supporters need to deal honestly with Joe’s cognitive issues….--PBC’s “tough love” tips include redefining “democratic socialism”, leaving door open to some private health insurance, stop yelling, expand foreign policy

--in op-ed, former CNBC producer is candid with tips for Biden to “finish off” Sanders, including hiding the candidate

--Dem watchdogs are attacking reporters and others who expose Biden’s obvious struggle to be coherent, and Caitlin Johnstone lays out the case with video evidence

--and Glenn Greenwald notes that, like the birther attacks on Obama, questions about Biden’s decline originated with fellow Democrats

--Trump retweets video clip of Biden’s latest struggle to speak, and Twitter tags it “manipulated media”

--Harris and Booker, senators of color, forget their own criticisms of Biden, and endorse him

--FB poster tries to explain African American affinity for Biden

--Hillary Clinton says Biden is on path to nomination, like hers in 2016

--as Elizabeth Warren mulls her endorsement, Sanders asks her voters to support him

--in crucial Michigan primary tomorrow, 29,000 early voters ask for do-over

--after serious questions surface about exit polls vs. vote counts, Codepink and The Grayzone call for OAS observers

--the deviations are apparent in Massachusetts and South Carolina

--at WhoWhatWhy, Klaus Marre laments voter suppression in Texas, and calls for funding of investigative journalism

--through the eyes of debt-strapped voters, NY Times offers rare, mostly sympathetic look at Sanders supporters

--but WashPost’s Jennifer Rubin slams Sanders for criticizing corporate media

--former Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith is now a NY Times columnist says Bernie is mostly right

--election officials wrestle with coronavirus fears

--Grand Princess cruise ship finally docks in Oakland after days of circling offshore

--oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia leads to collapse of oil prices, triggering another 2,000 point loss for stock market

--in Friday photo op at CDC HQ, top officials allowed Trump to lie and contradict them without comment

--White House and Congressional Dems work on separate plans to soften impact of virus

--why are mainstream outlets ignoring news about repurposing existing drugs to treat covid-19?

--don’t gloat, but Ted Cruz is self-quarantined after contact with man at CPAC

--listener Jerry Fresia reports from northern Italy, and listener Paul Lehto from Kirkland, WA

--Trump’s 4th chief of staff is movement mad dog Mark Meadows

--mistrial declared in trial of former CIA worker accused of leaking Vault 7

--Alabama lawmaker wants to lift ban on yoga in schools, but retain ban on saying “Namaste”