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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Persists As Biden Widens His Lead

In reversal of fortunes, Biden’s inexplicable rebound and decreased young voter turnout for Sanders enable second term for Trump….–Bernie says he will stay in the race and debate Biden on Sunday, as he pivots message to defeating Trump

–Tuesday’s primaries were devastating to Sanders, as Boomers swarm to Biden and young voters stayed home

–the protective bubble that Dem leaders and media placed over Biden during Ukraine investigation now extends to his obvious cognitive decline, and Paul Waldman at WashPost shows some courage in addressing it

–Senate committee abruptly changes course on Burisma investigation

–the growing wave for Biden drowns out concerns over election integrity, but data shows disparity between vote count and exit polls in many states

–in Guardian op-ed, election activists call for ranked-choice voting in primaries

–GOP gerrymandering operator faces tough grilling in confirmation to toothless Federal Election Commission

–Sen. Kamala Harris complains of media malpractice, but only related to racial bias, not the blatant mistreatment of Sanders or Gabbard

NY Times opinionator Ross Douthat blames the coronavirus

–activist Norman Solomon offers honest analysis, but won’t quit

–at ConsortiumNews, Jonathan Cook takes a deep dive on the forces that aligned against Sanders

–as Ryan Grim at The Intercept joins me in blaming Anderson Cooper’s ambush of Sanders as the turning point

–in alarming SCOTUS decision, with only Sotomayor dissenting, Trump’s unconstitutional asylum policy is allowed to continue

–more great offshore analysis from Pepe Escobar, on Russia-Saudi oil spat

–Harvey Weinstein will die in prison, draws 23-year sentence

–appeal brought by families of victims and the accused could overturn Lockerbie bombing case from 1988

–W.H.O. declares Covid-19 a pandemic as US caseload reaches 1,000

–and Correspondent Jerry Fresia reports on the lockdown in Italy