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PBC News & Comment: Trump Raises the Drawbridge at Fortress America

Even as he stumbled through scripted speech acknowledging Covid-19’s rise, Trump telegraphed that he only cares about numbers and optics…--Joe Biden delivers coherent talk about the pandemic, stressing that actions should be based on science; Bernie Sanders will address it later today

--listener Linda Lewis has volunteered to compile a daily coronavirus update for us

--rushing ahead of ill-timed recess, House passes relief bill

--Trump’s Oval Office teleprompter speech was tedious, and inaccurate

--based on misinformation delivered by Trump, NY Times reporter paid over $5,000 for 2 one-way tickets from Paris to NY; travel ban excludes Trump properties in UK

--Trump says health insurance companies will waive copays and provide testing and treatment at no cost, but that’s not true

--as the pandemic leads to cancelled events, listener Ford Greene wonders if it will cut off Trump’s “narcissistic supply”

--NY Times columnist Nick Kristof has some good ideas to beef up the response

--NY Times biz reporter notes weirdness in the Wall Street panic, and Federal Reserve injects $1.5 TRILLION in effort to stabilize

--as Dems work with GOP to extend domestic surveillance with no major changes, Trump threatens to veto the bill—right move, wrong reasons

--Trump is expected to veto resolution blocking military action against Iran

--after 10 months of oppressive confinement, Chelsea Manning attempted suicide yesterday

--Biden-Sanders debate is moved to Washington, and Jorge Ramos will not moderate

--Biden names Jennifer O’Malley Dillon campaign manager

--USF Prof. Stephen Zunes is quoted in article about Joe Biden’s bad judgment on foreign policy

--deep analysis of Twitter data exposes the myth of angry “Bernie Bros”

--at The Guardian, Nathan Robinson demolishes the claim that Biden is more electable

--Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report tries to explain why black voters support Biden, despite his bad record on race issues

--lengthy report at The Atlantic reveals tools and schemes of Trump campaign

--Vox reports Bernie Sanders is projected to win California by 7 points over Biden, but 1.6 million ballots remain uncounted

--screenshot of Michigan vote count shows Sanders tally was reduced by 303,000 at 10:09 pm on election night

--NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller implores Sanders to speak out on election in online rant

--corporate media pundits relish this moment to bury Bernie: David Siders at Politico, Reid J. Epstein at NY Times

, and the reliable Jennifer Rubin at the WashPost Stop Bernie Desk

--Russian lawmakers make Putin Prez-4-life