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PBC News & Comment: ‘Coronavirus Primary’ Derails the Revolution

Bernie Sanders hasn’t quit, but is “reassessing” after more primary losses that undermine the little credibility remaining in US elections….--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola delivers a roundup of yesterday’s primaries

--Dems who’ve been pushing “vote Blue no matter who” have delivered the lowest common denominator, an obviously flawed candidate likely to lose to Trump

--will either party hold a live convention this summer?

--“never-Bernie” WashPost columnist Paul Waldman says “give Bernie his due

--conservaDem Dan Lipinski defeated in House primary race in Illinois

--Biden and Sanders continue to hammer Trump over pandemic response

--our daily update on coronavirus, edited by Linda Lewis

--Bay Area prosecutors work to reduce jail population

--some crew members of the Grand Princess cruise ship were flown to the Philippines

-listener Fred shares this British report that compares mitigation efforts to suppression programs

--California Gov. Newsom tips parents that schools may not reopen to complete this school year

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren has 8 demands for corporate bailouts releases data on impacts to local business

--new poll shows Trump’s approval rating on virus response increasing

--Trump rates himself “10 out of 10”, of course, as he continues to shit-tweet governors who criticize him

--the government’s Doomsday machinery is already revving up

--Pepe Escobar says the pandemic has put China in a hybrid war with US

--SecState Pompeo resurfaces to impose more sanctions on Iran, and to lecture China on press freedom

--lawyers for Hillary Clinton move to dismiss Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation suit

--Gareth Porter accurately deplores NY Times ongoing disinformation campaign on Russian election meddling memes

--Jeffrey Epstein’s accused pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, sues his estate for legal fees related to accusers