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PBC News & Comment: ‘Coronavirus Primary’ Derails the Revolution

Bernie Sanders hasn’t quit, but is “reassessing” after more primary losses that undermine the little credibility remaining in US elections….–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola delivers a roundup of yesterday’s primaries

–Dems who’ve been pushing “vote Blue no matter who” have delivered the lowest common denominator, an obviously flawed candidate likely to lose to Trump

–will either party hold a live convention this summer?

–“never-Bernie” WashPost columnist Paul Waldman says “give Bernie his due

–conservaDem Dan Lipinski defeated in House primary race in Illinois

–Biden and Sanders continue to hammer Trump over pandemic response

–our daily update on coronavirus, edited by Linda Lewis

–Bay Area prosecutors work to reduce jail population

–some crew members of the Grand Princess cruise ship were flown to the Philippines

-listener Fred shares this British report that compares mitigation efforts to suppression programs

–California Gov. Newsom tips parents that schools may not reopen to complete this school year

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren has 8 demands for corporate bailouts

– releases data on impacts to local business

–new poll shows Trump’s approval rating on virus response increasing

–Trump rates himself “10 out of 10”, of course, as he continues to shit-tweet governors who criticize him

–the government’s Doomsday machinery is already revving up

–Pepe Escobar says the pandemic has put China in a hybrid war with US

–SecState Pompeo resurfaces to impose more sanctions on Iran, and to lecture China on press freedom

–lawyers for Hillary Clinton move to dismiss Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation suit

–Gareth Porter accurately deplores NY Times ongoing disinformation campaign on Russian election meddling memes

–Jeffrey Epstein’s accused pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, sues his estate for legal fees related to accusers