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PBC News & Comment: Trump Fights Virus with Racism, Media Attacks

Our calm and stable genius repeatedly refers to “Chinese Virus” as he continues to blame media for richly deserved criticism…--borrowing Biden’s smear of Sanders in last debate, Trump says the press are “siding with China”

--in today’s news conference, Trump peppered his comments with attacks on media

--former CIA guy Phil Giraldi probes the source of the coronavirus, says US, Israel and China are main suspects

--super-listener Faith Peoples shares scientific paper that says it’s “improbable” that the virus was cooked up in a laboratory

--super-listener Terry Paris shares link to handy pandemic data dashboard

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Crown Prince Jared is running his own, parallel team from the “private sector” as his brother’s company, Oscar Health, tries to profiteer on virus testing

--2/3 of quarantined passengers from the Grand Princess have declined to be tested out of fear it would extend their quarantine

--in Hawaii, 2 cruise ships allowed to refuel, but passengers can’t go ashore

--billionaire bad boy Elon Musk defies order to close Tesla assembly plant

--white collar criminals like Michael Cohen and Bernie Madoff appeal for release from prison to avoid virus

--in surprise column, WashPost reporter Adam Taylor hammers TrumpCo for escalating sanctions on Iran

--at The Nation, Jeet Heer criticizes Pelosi for wanting means-testing of any cash payments

--Tulsi Gabbard ends presidential campaign, endorses Biden

--WashPost fact checkers expose Biden’s debate claim that he would ban new fracking

--Sam Husseini reminds us that Biden keeps lying about his Iraq vote, and that Trump will use it against him

--former NYC prosecutor who railroaded Central Park 5 sues Ava DuVernay

--since you have too much free time, check out Covid Concert Series on Facebook

--click here to listen to "Safe in Their Homes" by Hoodoo Rhythm Devils