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PBC News & Comment: Trump Ignores Experts As GOP Senate Ignores People Who Are Hurting

Trump responds to Fox host with call to end isolation, Mitch McConnell tries to jam corporate bailouts on Democrats…--Trump tunes out experts who advise longer isolation, protecting corporations and the rich at expense of poor Americans

--McConnell’s idea of compromise is Dem capitulation, and so far the minority is holding firm in opposing bailouts with no rules, token payments to average Americans

--our Covid 19 daily update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--another report says corona virus wasn’t developed in a lab

--as some Americans ignore isolation orders, Italian mayors are yelling at their citizens to go home

--in the height of irony, Trump officials consider opening Obamacare enrollment, as California has done

--some confusion as Grand Princess passengers due to be released from “quarantine” this week

--many Americans are rightly concerned that responses to the pandemic will rollback more constitutional rights, and may lead to martial law

--in conversation with Bill Moyers, Supreme Court analyst Dahlia Lithwick shows concern

--in op-ed, Oxford student Samuel Miller McDonald offers strong argument against authoritarian measure

--Moon of Alabama dings intel agencies which failed to warn of pandemic as they pushed out more Russian meddling alarms

--listener Colleen McGuire is upset by Senators’ insider trading, but notes that it’s mostly legal, and reporting systems have been made toothless

--PBC notes that Dem leaders knew of the pandemic risk when they revved up the Block Bernie machinery in late February and propped up Joe Biden

--in premature obit for Sanders campaign, NY Times mixes valid criticism with magical explanations for Biden’s sudden rise

--Kevin Gosztola reveals the GOP and corporate Dems who funded stop Bernie PAC, and Lee Fang shows that Warren’s superPAC got 96% of donations from a rich woman in Silicon Valley

--one of the debates in the White House now is about squeezing Iran even more

--San Francisco journalist Tim Redmond says the 1% should pay for corporate bailouts

--after torching the whole town of Paradise, PG&E pleads guilty, pays fine