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PBC News & Comment: US Media Ignore UN Call for Worldwide Cease-fire

UN Secretary General calls for worldwide suspension of war to ease pandemic spread and response, and US media ignore it…–here’s the only report found in Google search, and it’s brief

–at In These Times, Sarah Lazare warns about growing military involvement in response to Covid-19

–Must-listen: fresh interview with Dr. Justin Frank, author of Trump on the Couch

WashPost admits that our smartphones are already being used to gather data on our movements

–in bizarre comment, Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick tells Fox “News” that he and other grandparents are willing to die to save the economy

–crisis opportunism: the men in charge in Texas and Ohio have decided that abortion is not “essential” and must be postponed

–our daily update on Covid-19, prepared by Linda Lewis

–China lifts lockdown in Hubei province, but the capital of Wuhan will remain sealed off until at least April 8

–Senate is near agreement on a bailout/stimulus deal that places business interests above average Americans

–at WhoWhatWhy, Larry Beinhart compares this bailout to 2008

–NY Times editorial properly blames Mitch McConnell for the delays

–Sen. Warren explains the defects of the GOP bill, some of which have been fixed

–Democrats tried to insert language to deliver stimulus payments using “digital dollars” but that’s been dropped

–at Financial Times, Yuval Noah Harari details the risks of new surveillance to fight the virus that will likely remain for years

–husband dies after Arizona couple takes Trump’s pharma advice

–Gilead, the greedy drug company, pulled the other untested drug that Trump touts, remdesivir from “compassionate use” after White House re-lists it for full profiteering

–doctors in 10 states are writing prescriptions for friends & family for chloroquine drugs

–from Italy, listener Jerry Fresia is grateful that Cuba sent 800 doctors