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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Ignore Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser

Tara Reade offers highly credible account of 1993 sexual assault by Joe Biden, but mainstream media ignores it while right wing pounces…The Hill deserves credit for allowing Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti to report it on Hill TV

–while ignoring this claim and other obvious defects of Biden, biased NY Times reporter Sydney Ember continues dismissive reports on Sanders

–despite lone dissenter, House passes the Senate bailout package by voice vote, and Trump snubs her by excluding her from signing ceremony

–there’s plenty of pork in the 800-plus page bill, including Mitch McConnell’s sunscreen earmark; Forbes focuses on Dem pork, Politico is more fair

NY Times analyst spins the massive increase in debt “that’s a good thing”

–Fed taps Black Rock for advice, like it did in 2008

–in latest in-depth interview, radical criminologist Tony Platt offers well-informed critique of the “carceral state” in US

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–brief recap of California coverage of coronavirus response, find Rough & Tumble here

–in ventilator tussle, Trump attacks NY Gov. Cuomo and MI Gov. Whitmer

–it’s confusing, but Trump seems to have tweeted orders to GM to make ventilators

–federal crisis response is hobbled by high turnover, vacancies and “acting” officials

NY Times uses front page top-to-bottom color graph to illustrate massive jump in unemployment

–Times report support PBC’s hunch that Mardi Gras was big infection zone in New Orlean

–Trump’s EPA, run by former coal lobbyist, suspends all enforcement for the duration

–global condom shortage ahead due to shutdown of world’s largest producer of “love gloves”

–Max Boot’s latest column is stunning: “conservative devotion to life ends at birth”

–yesterday’s stunning reversal by Benny Gantz in Israel is explained by Miko Peled at MintPress

–listener Natalie Riehl shares a song for our times