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PBC News & Comment: Standing Rock Water Protectors Win Big Court Victory!

Federal judge orders Corp of Engineers to conduct full review, strikes down permits issued by Trump; big victory for Sioux…–Britain’s Guardian reports it, ABC news appears to be only US corporate media outlet to cover it

–late yesterday, Senate passed bailout bill 96-0, which actually shovels over $6 trillion in borrowed money mostly to corporate interest

–Bernie Sanders took on Lindsay Graham and cruel cronies who wanted to cut the $600 per week federal add-on to unemployment checks

–listener John Zweibel tipped me to HuffPost critical analysis by Zach Carter

–California Gov. Newsom gets mortgage lenders to agree to 90-day grace period on payments

–our daily Covid 19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–data on infection rate is wobbly, as more testing is available

Buzzfeed reports that doctors and nurses say deaths are undercounted

–in Missouri, FBI agents shoot and kill man they say was plotting to bomb a hospital

–after public shaming, Gilead declines “orphan drug” status for remdesivir

–Julian Assange, who has prior chronic lung condition, is denied release by British judge, as Kevin Gosztola reports

–as Gov. Cuomo gets high marks for managing response in NY state, Nick Pinto at The Intercept reveals that our “crisis daddy” is using crisis cover to push rollbacks in bail reform

WashPost dogs Trump over lies, blaming and self-congatulation in his daily pressroom show.

–L.A. Sheriff Villenueva channels Trump in effort to block shift in responsibilities that’s been in the works for months

–in shocking move in Israel, Benny Gantz screws his pooch and agrees to become Knesset speaker in Netanyahu-led government

–Trump’s personal attorney and sometime Attorney General Barr files unproven drug-trafficking charges against Venezuela’s Maduro

ConsortiumNews offers some analysis of UN Secretary General’s call for worldwide ceasefire