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PBC News & Comment: Covid Gets Personal—Family Member Dies in Detroit, #5 Hotspot

Sunday, we awoke to the news that my partner’s Kathee’s cousin, Brian Shatter, had died from the virus in Detroit….–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–Trump displays flashes of lucidity, but the only victim he cares about is Trump, as he continues petty disputes with governors and media

WashPost article says Trump is fighting 3-pronged war

–in Guardian op-ed, Micah Zenko calls Covid response massive intelligence failure

–in fresh in-depth interview, Scott Ritter offers astute, critical analysis of intelligence failures, our hollowed-out economy, and Russia’s new oil war that will harm the US economy even further

–Macy’s lays off 130,000 retail workers, as newspapers announce widespread layoffs and pay cuts

–Facebook pledges $100 million to help media outlets as ad sales drop

–in Los Angeles, federal judge Dolly Gee orders government to quickly release all detained minors

–progressive and influential architect Michael Sorking dies from Covid at age 71

WashPost article aims to elbow Bernie Sanders out of the race, with quotes from Clinton and Biden advisors who blame Bernie, not Russia, for Hillary’s loss, with little mention of Biden’s weaknesses and no mention of Tara Reade’s charges

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod names some of Biden’s foreign policy advisors and how much their ideas match Trump’s

–Mcleod also reports on IMF demand for regime change in Venezuela in exchange for emergency loan

–at The Grayzone, Leonardo Flores uses government data to show that Venzuela is not a narco-state, as US alleged in last week’s indictments and $15 million bounty