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In-Depth Interview: Scott Ritter Discusses Covid Intel Failure, Impact on Economy, and Russia’s Oil War

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Former UN weapons inspector and Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter offers informed, critical comments on Covid intelligence, the myth of a strong American economy, and analysis of Russia’s new oil war.Ritter spent 12 years as an intelligence officer, including a stint in Russia, before he became well-known as the weapons inspector who found no WMD in Iraq.

We discuss 3 recent articles:

The Staggering Collapse of US Intelligence on the Coronavirus, here

Covid-19 has Exposed Just How Broken American Economy and Society Are, here

Russia Strikes Back Where It Hurts, American Oil, here

In this wide-ranging conversation, Ritter offers informed comments about the failure of a little-known agency in the Defense Intelligence Agency called the National Center for Medical Intelligence, and its apparent failures to report, going back to October 2019 when 300 American military members competed at an event in Wuhan, China and continuing into Trump’s delayed response this year.

Next, we talk about the economic impacts of the pandemic, and the likely impacts of the just-signed bailout/stimulus package.

And, Rtter explains the current dynamics of Russia’s oil war, which he says is target at the US and could go on for years, especially since there is an oil glut right now.