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PBC News & Comment: Covid Response Reveals Economic Caste System

Corporate bailouts are top priority, as shown by Senate and Fed actions, and Trump wants the serfs to resume working despite risks…--Kansas City janitor who used to be an employee was made independent contractor, can’t pay her rent and paltry health insurance ends soon

--globally, first world nations grab meds and supplies, as third world is left to face potentially high death tolls

--in NY Times, Stanford historian Walter Scheidel recounts how the Medieval Plague thinned the serf population in Europe, and led to forced labor

--Pepe Escobar asks, who profits from the pandemic?

and the serious comic Lee Camp romps through today’s Shock Doctrine

--inmates at federal prison smuggle out video from desperate inmate after 3 die

--We announce first $100 grant from PBC Podcast Community Fund

--and also at ConsortiumNews, editor-in-chief Joe Lauria details Saudi Arabia’s unilateral Yemen cease fire, after 150 royals are infected and MBS holes up on isolated island

--Russia and Saudi have reportedly agreed to cut oil production

--today’s Covid-19 Update, edited by Linda Lewis; WashPost reporters detail Trump’s non-credible briefing comments, mixing lies and blue skies

--after Gov. Newsom sent 500 ventilators to Jared’s stockpile, Riverside County sends distress signal; Newsom gives some details of major purchase of face masks

--Melania Trump pops up to promote mask wearing that The Don eschews

--ban on masks in Hong Kong is challenged by court ruling

--Fauci pushes back on right-wing talking points that death toll is inflated, and PBC heard Limbaugh parroting them today

--newspapers are dying from impact of Covid, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer uses the contraction to finish off union busting plan

--AG Bill Barr tells Fox’s Laura Ingraham that Russiagate was travesty, will he deliver proof?

--way back when Bloomberg was spilling tons of cash in run for prez, I interviewed author Anne Kim about his demonization of minority youth for WhoWhatWhy

--now that he’s no threat to “moderate” Dems, Bernie Sanders earns faint praise from Nick Goldberg in LA Times

--and warmer praise from New Yorker’s Erich Lach

--at MintPress, Sam Husseini recaps the Sanders run and suggests a “vote-pact” for people who don’t want to vote for Biden

--facing calls for mail-in voting in November, Trump and other Repubs are pretty candid about their fear of democracy; Gabriella Novello reports at WhoWhatWhy

--Glenn Greenwald offers sterling commentary on people who choose not to vote

--Linda Tripp, widely-reviled whistleblower who taped Monica Lewinsky’s secrets about Bill Clinton, dies at age 70

--MAD magazine’s mainstay cartoonist, Mort Drucker runs out of ink, at 91