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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Quits, Ending Hopes For the ‘Revolution’

Sanders did have an uphill climb to catch up with Biden, but his exit at this time is puzzling, distressing…

--PBC opens with detailed recap of the primaries, the efforts to block Sanders, and some of the failings of his campaign

--video clip from Sanders’ statement is here

--Wall Street jumps for joy, 800 points

--over at WashPost’s Stop Bernie Desk, Jennifer Rubin dismisses the Dem left, just like Hillary Clinton did in 2016

--Biden lied about Wisconsin primary being safe, now says he wanted it postponed, as vlogger Christo Aivalis proves with video evidence

--Kevin Gosztola details the Biden flip in Shadowproof

--Vice reported last August on this Biden ad that used Beau Biden’s death—most likely from burn pits—to argue against M4A

--at MintPress, Alan McLeod details the near-total MSM blackout of the Tara Reade time bomb, which Trump will detonate

--details of PBC Podcast Community Fund—how you can donate, how you can request a $100 grant

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--Chicago folkster John Prine dies of coronavirus, here’s a great example of his work

--talented music producer Hal Willner is also claimed by the virus