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Peter B. Collins News & Comment: Prof. Krugman Now Sees the Assault On Democratic Systems

In strong column, Krugman gets it right—Wisconsin primary is latest debacle that reveals election system corrupted by Republicans…--read Krugman’s column here

--his colleague Jamelle Bouie offers more details

--and in convincing analysis, reporters show that absentee voting doesn’t favor Dems, as Trump and allies believe

--GOP efforts to crush the Post Office gain ground in pandemic

--Pelosi resists immediate shift to remote voting by House

--Prisoners riot in Kansas federal lockup as NY city and federal prisons deal death and injustice

--Craig Murray is outraged by UK judge’s treatment of Assange, including revealing identity of his family in Britain

--today’s Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--Apple and Google are working on contact tracing, which can help in the Covid crisis, but are a major escalation of privacy violations

--in southwest Germany, cops are using zeppelin to enforce physical distancing

--Baltimore activists continue to fight aerial surveillance

--at WhoWhatWhy, Chuck Collins examines the role of billionaires and their “philanthropy” in podcast hosted by Jeff Schectman

--some doctors are questioning reliance on ventilators in virus treatment

--listeners on both coasts raise good questions about Covid death stats, as NY Times airs out some of the weak data collection

--Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal debut legislation to guarantee universal healthcare during pandemic

--Biden tiptoes toward the Sanders agenda, proposing minor expansion of Medicare and some student loan relief

--at The Week, Matthew Walther declares Biden is weakest major party nominee in recent history

--as Politico’s Ryan Lizza pulls back the sleeve to reveal Obama’s “hidden hand” in Dem primary

--and right-wing NY Post stokes poll showing that Dems want to dump Biden for Cuomo

--Trump’s poll numbers, which he often inflates and lies about, are dropping, and is pals are worried

--Trump campaign runs ad showing Joe and Hunter Biden in China, with subliminal racist image of former Washington Gov. Gary Locke

--Bill Barr’s Justice Dept. cops to major errors in FISA applications, as the AG himself approves of Trump’s firing of Inspector General Atkinson