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Peter B. Collins News & Comment: Prof. Krugman Now Sees the Assault On Democratic Systems

In strong column, Krugman gets it right—Wisconsin primary is latest debacle that reveals election system corrupted by Republicans…–read Krugman’s column here

–his colleague Jamelle Bouie offers more details

–and in convincing analysis, reporters show that absentee voting doesn’t favor Dems, as Trump and allies believe

–GOP efforts to crush the Post Office gain ground in pandemic

–Pelosi resists immediate shift to remote voting by House

–Prisoners riot in Kansas federal lockup as NY city and federal prisons deal death and injustice

–Craig Murray is outraged by UK judge’s treatment of Assange, including revealing identity of his family in Britain

–today’s Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–Apple and Google are working on contact tracing, which can help in the Covid crisis, but are a major escalation of privacy violations

–in southwest Germany, cops are using zeppelin to enforce physical distancing

–Baltimore activists continue to fight aerial surveillance

–at WhoWhatWhy, Chuck Collins examines the role of billionaires and their “philanthropy” in podcast hosted by Jeff Schectman

–some doctors are questioning reliance on ventilators in virus treatment

–listeners on both coasts raise good questions about Covid death stats, as NY Times airs out some of the weak data collection

–Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal debut legislation to guarantee universal healthcare during pandemic

–Biden tiptoes toward the Sanders agenda, proposing minor expansion of Medicare and some student loan relief

–at The Week, Matthew Walther declares Biden is weakest major party nominee in recent history

–as Politico’s Ryan Lizza pulls back the sleeve to reveal Obama’s “hidden hand” in Dem primary

–and right-wing NY Post stokes poll showing that Dems want to dump Biden for Cuomo

–Trump’s poll numbers, which he often inflates and lies about, are dropping, and is pals are worried

–Trump campaign runs ad showing Joe and Hunter Biden in China, with subliminal racist image of former Washington Gov. Gary Locke

–Bill Barr’s Justice Dept. cops to major errors in FISA applications, as the AG himself approves of Trump’s firing of Inspector General Atkinson