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Peter B. Collins News & Comment: Corporate Media Outlets Lift Blockade on Biden’s Accuser

NYT, WashPost and NBC finally report on Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault by Joe Biden, and dismiss them outright…–read NY Times report here, WashPost report here

–Timing is curious…did they wait until Sanders bowed out? Reade was fired from Biden’s staff a few months after the alleged incident

–far-right Gateway Pundit cites unnamed Secret Service agents who say they protected female agents from Biden’s inappropriate touching

ConsortiumNews posts video from the mother of Julian Assange’s two young kids, as AP covers the same story without critical context of their exposure by judge

–at Vice, Shane Smith gives better-than-usual interview of Ed Snowden on some of the surveillance expansion linked to Covid response

–PBC thanks donors to our Community Fund, and makes a grant to whistleblower who shared info on Stingray surveillance here a few years ago

–our daily Covi-19 update, from Linda Lewis

–former AL Gov. Don Siegelman spent 5 years at Oakdale, LA federal prison, and explains why it has highest number of fatalities linked to virus

–over objections of attorneys, Brooklyn judge insisted on continuing crowded hearings on March 12, and died 2 weeks later

–top execs of pharma company Biogen are believed to have been “super spreaders”

–NY Gov. Cuomo hopes the worst is over…was Crown Prince Jared right abut ventilator needs?

–in fresh PBC podcast at WhoWhatWhy, radio news anchor Jeff Bell shares his personal struggles with OCD, and how the pandemic affect OC’s

WashPost fact checkers slam false hopes of hydrochloroquine as miracle treatment

–after Fauci agrees with NY Times review of Trump’s denials and delayed response, Trump retweets call to fire NHS expert, denied today by White House

–Fauci’s still fighting with Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro over restart plans

–and Carla Marinucci of Politico exposes Navarro’s past as wily liberal in San Diego

–Sen. Lindsay Graham keeps whining about laid-off workers who “quit” to soak up unemployment benefits

–in smart op-ed, Bethany McLean says the 2020 depression could kill fracking in US

–as activists burn cell towers in England, we examine the speculative correlation between %G wireless and coronavirus

–Bernie Sanders gives stronger endorsement of Biden

–angry Sanders supporter Laurie Dobson vents about “Sanders Betrayal”

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod notes that Pompeo and Abrams are threatening a fresh coup in Venezuela, 18 years after Bush’s attempt