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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Cancels Keystone XL Permit

Federal judge in Montana cancels key permit for Keystone XL, with another injunction hearing underway today, amid global oil glut….–attorney Steve Volker is renewing plea for injunction of construction

–EPA strikes again, weakening controls on mercury emissions

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola recaps opportunistic moves by TrumpCo under fog from pandemic

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod reveals hidden tax cut in CARES Act that benefits ultra-wealthy

new report from Public Accountability Project fingers Chamber of Commerce as the driver of Trump’s refusal to fully use the Defense Production Act

–the “Opening Our Country Council” is a roster of oligarchs and corporate leaders, some didn’t even know they were invited

–Trump’s latest bizarre attempt at a power grab is threat to adjourn Congress to use recess appointments

–the orchestrated right-wing protests over Covid restrictions are astroturf groups feeding footage to Fox News to give Trump fake support

–new report details the impact of der Trumper’s attacks on media

–today’s Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–as NYC and LA extend restrictions to May 15, Cuomo hires corporate consultants to advise on restart

–$1,200 deposits are hitting many bank accounts, including those of some dead people

–Gov. Newsom’s payments to undocumented aren’t much, but a good step

–many renters who can’t pay report offers of sex with landlords

–PBC Community Fund offers $100 grants, with no sex required

–in fresh, in-depth interview, progressive Dem activist Norman Solomon talks about the weakness of the Sanders campaign, and Joe Biden

NY Times editor Dean Baquet admits he approved changes to Tara Reade report at request of Biden campaign

–Biden’s pitch to lower age for Medicare would benefit for-profit insurance industry

–Biden’s visibility on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is dwarfed by Trump’s

–GOP Sen. Richard Burr faces accusation of bribery after selling his DC crib to a lobbyist, above fair market value