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PBC News & Comment: Climate Catastrophe Looms Larger, Sooner

New reports on wildlife species collapse and melting of Greenland ice show that warming impacts are happening sooner, much faster…–almost a year ago, we interviewed controversial climate scientist Guy McPherson, you can listen here

–Bernie Sanders promoted Green New Deal, and Elizabeth Warren had a plan for climate change; now they’ve both endorsed Biden, who hasn’t changed his weak climate agenda

–in –ill-timed comment, Sanders lectures his supporters that it would be “irresponsible” not to support Biden

–former Sanders advisor and speech writer David Sirota deplores the “Tyranny of Decorum” that led Bernie to avoid “attacking” Biden

–ignoring claims by Trump of his “total” authority, California Gov. Newsom outlines 6 criteria for reopening the state

–as NY death count stays on “plateau”, Gov. Cuomo issues order on masks

–our daily Covid-19 summary, edited by Linda Lewis, plus her report on misinformation and political attacks on the shutdown

–protests against Gov. Whitmer in Michigan are being funded by the DeVos network, and aided by Rep. Justin Amash

WashPost reports that Snopes can’t keep up with rate of inquiries

–in Iran, US sanctions and Covid lead to resumption of many activities

–today’s news includes a number of reports on Covid data and projections

SF Chronicle revisits Dr. Fauci’s early failures and evolution during 1980’s AIDS crisis

–PBC Podcast Community Fund issues grant to Blake in Madison, WI

–Trump’s empire is highly leveraged, and is asking Deutsche Bank for delay in loan payments

–at MintPress, Alan Macleod lists the corporate winners in this crisis

–SBA loan program has 3 million applications worth $372 billion, but only $7 billion in funds

–Postal Service has $160 billion in liabilities, $120 billion were created by Congress and Bush Jr

–Trump names the wizards of capitalism who will “advise” him on restarting

–before he took over the “daily briefing”, Trump thought about doing a daily radio show, but didn’t want to compete with El Rushbo

–check out Kevin Gosztola’s latest podcast with music author Brad Schreiber about protest music, at Shadowproof