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PBC News & Comment: Climate Catastrophe Looms Larger, Sooner

New reports on wildlife species collapse and melting of Greenland ice show that warming impacts are happening sooner, much faster…--almost a year ago, we interviewed controversial climate scientist Guy McPherson, you can listen here

--Bernie Sanders promoted Green New Deal, and Elizabeth Warren had a plan for climate change; now they’ve both endorsed Biden, who hasn’t changed his weak climate agenda

--in –ill-timed comment, Sanders lectures his supporters that it would be “irresponsible” not to support Biden

--former Sanders advisor and speech writer David Sirota deplores the “Tyranny of Decorum” that led Bernie to avoid “attacking” Biden

--ignoring claims by Trump of his “total” authority, California Gov. Newsom outlines 6 criteria for reopening the state

--as NY death count stays on “plateau”, Gov. Cuomo issues order on masks

--our daily Covid-19 summary, edited by Linda Lewis, plus her report on misinformation and political attacks on the shutdown

--protests against Gov. Whitmer in Michigan are being funded by the DeVos network, and aided by Rep. Justin Amash

--WashPost reports that Snopes can’t keep up with rate of inquiries

--in Iran, US sanctions and Covid lead to resumption of many activities

--today’s news includes a number of reports on Covid data and projections

--SF Chronicle revisits Dr. Fauci’s early failures and evolution during 1980’s AIDS crisis

--PBC Podcast Community Fund issues grant to Blake in Madison, WI

--Trump’s empire is highly leveraged, and is asking Deutsche Bank for delay in loan payments

--at MintPress, Alan Macleod lists the corporate winners in this crisis

--SBA loan program has 3 million applications worth $372 billion, but only $7 billion in funds

--Postal Service has $160 billion in liabilities, $120 billion were created by Congress and Bush Jr

--Trump names the wizards of capitalism who will “advise” him on restarting

--before he took over the “daily briefing”, Trump thought about doing a daily radio show, but didn’t want to compete with El Rushbo

--check out Kevin Gosztola’s latest podcast with music author Brad Schreiber about protest music, at Shadowproof