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PBC News & Comment: Calls for Worldwide Truce Gain Momentum

French President Macron says most leaders of nations in UN Security Council—including Trump!—have agreed to truce during pandemic…–to break stalemate in Afghan negotiations, NY Times reports US may reduce CIA presence

–Whitney Webb reports that US “Panama-style invasion” of Venezuela is increasingly likely, driven by collapse of American shale oil production

–with some qualifiers, new study shows why Covid-19 is more concerning than other causes of death

–in full reversal in just 3 days, Trump says governors will determin when and how to lift restrictions

–today, in a likely effort to distract his cult from that retreat, Trump attacks Cuomo and states where Trump supporters have staged rallies against restrictions

–in video interview, Anya Parampil talks to Randy Credico, who brings you the ugly side of Andrew Cuomo

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–desperate for good news, Wall St. rallies on news that remdisivir may treat Covid-19, based on leaks from small trial in Chicago with no control group, as doctors who’ve used hydrochloroquine see no evidence it works

–former Trump fixer Michael Cohen gets released due to Covid, as ICE arrests and deports people who’ve tested positive

–Jerry Falwell, Jr. was slammed for re-opening Liberty U, and now slams media for trying to cover news of at least 78 people testing positive

–coast to coast, nurses are being penalized for demanding PPE

–despite California’s temporary ban on evictions, landlords are trying; Rep. Ilhan Omar pens bill to provide relief

–freelancers, small biz owners and independent contractors were promised help, but it’s elusive, or the money has been given out already

–more than 1,000 French sailors in aircraft carrier group test positive, as leaders consider digital contact tracing

–Massachusetts is doing tracing by making phone calls, not tracking phones

–in Israel, TV station reports that US intelligence warned of pandemic last November, but White House wasn’t interested

–in last step before 4th election, Israel’s Knesset gets to try to form a government

–Arizona residents near the border object to construction of The Wall, as San Diego border patrol admits that new wall sections were cut through 18 times in 1 month

–AG Bill Barr uses child trafficking to demand that tech giants leave FBI back door in encryption systems

–Facebook is policing unpopular views and news about Covid by flagging posts and warning people who read them

–in Jeff Schectman’s latest WhoWhatWhy podcast, longtime election integrity activist Emily Levy gets the mic, and breaks down Wisconsin’s ugly primary

–Pepe Escobar credits Confucius and Asian culture for “serene response” to pandemic

–Brazil’s former president Lula says Bolsonaro is “leading Brazil to the slaughterhouse”

–in huge surprise, PBC is enjoying radio host Michael Savage’s attacks on Limbaugh Hannity and other “pimps” in right-wing media