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PBC News & Comment: The Real ‘Fake News’ of Organized Mini-Mobs

Led by Fox, corporate media amplify orchestrated protests over stay-at-home orders, and Trump approves contradiction of his own orders…--as noted here Friday, the staging of protests—including gun displays—are part of Trump political strategies that reinforce his anti-government pose incoherently

--and it’s not just FoxCNN and NY Times legitimize the rabble

--WashPost shows the role of gun extremists, 3 brothers named Dorr

--in Denver, nurses in scrubs stage silent counter protest

--NY Times continues false equivalency in covering Austin rally on Sunday that featured Alex Jones

--in Florida, which has miles and miles of beaches, crowds gather as restrictions are eased

--Trump has it both ways with deceptively-edited videos of Cuomo praising him

--as Trump tells governors to handle their own testing, some firmly reject the claim that they have adequate resources

--Senate appears close to new funding bill, as we learn that big corporations grabbed all the loans for small biz, and negotiator Steve Mnuchin faces GOP critics

--in Brazil, strongman Bolsonaro joins protesters in bid to restore dictatorship

--in op-ed that contrasts with NY Times news coverage, Charlie Warzel makes many good arguments

--in Kansas, Trump-appointed federal judge rules that church gatherings can’t be banned

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--NY Mag shares whistleblower’s letter exposing the federal government’s efforts to hijack the medical supplies that it won’t’ deliver to states

--one of my Facebook friends survived a harrowing experience with the virus, profiled in SF Chronicle

--many smart people hold contrarian views on the pandemic; here’s an interesting open letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta from Robert F. Kennedy Jr

--in record low, US oil markets zero out due to crude oil glut, tanking stock market and risking shale oil and fracking sectors

--10 years after the Gulf oil blowout, Greg Palast shares banned footage that showed oil execs covered up a similar incident in the Caspian Sea 17 months earlier

--wily Netanyahu engineers “emergency” power-sharing deal with Benny Gantz tht keeps Bibi in power for now

--at MintPress, Miko Peled reveals more cruel treatment of Palestinians during pandemic

--AOC says she will vote for Biden, but withholds endorsement; she also called out “gaslighting” in treatment of Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden

--staying at home, SCOTUS rules for unanimous jury decisions in opinion written by Gorsuch