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Earth Day Special for Families: Animated Videos with Koda the Bear

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For the 50th Earth Day, a special podcast for families with kids.  Carleen Cullen of Cool the Earth shares animated videos for children K-5.  Take climate actions at home, and help adopt a polar bear!As families are confined at home this Earth Day, here’s a way to engage and educate our kids about climate change.  Get all the details, and watch the videos here.

Meet the co-founder of Earth Day, Pete McCloskey, and learn about the first Earth Day and the political movement it launched, here.

Carleen Cullen started Cool the Earth when her kids were young, and their classroom programs have taught a new generation of environmentalists.  In this special podcast, we explain the online animated videos for kids, with the opportunity for them to create their own messages about Earth Day, and help adopt a polar bear.  It’s fun and educational.

Cullen also tells us her own story of environmental action, and how her work has been attacked by denialists like Matt Drudge.  And she shares her views on the current challenges to addressing climate change as the global oil industry faces possible collapse.