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PBC News & Comment: Binge-watching Himself on TV, Trump Desperately Seeks Miracles

His musing about injecting chlorine to kill Covid were prompted by anger, dejection over TV coverage, and letter from religious nutcase…--NY Times cites White House insiders who report that the stable genius watches 6 hours of morning TV and feels isolated and downcast

--The Guardian reveals letter from Mark Grenon, who runs pro-chlorine “church” Genesis II and touts industrial bleach as “miracle cure” banned by FDA

--our daily Covid-19 update, with details on Trump’s bizarre comments

--Clorox, Lysol and Tide all issue consumer warnings

--FDA issues warnings about hydroxychloroquine, recently promoted by Conman Don

--first clinical trial of remdisivir shows it has no effect in Covid treatment

--claims from antibody research by Stanford and USC draw strong criticism

--NY Times graph shows per capita death rates in US hotspots

--nursing homes and prisons remain high-spread zones for coronavirus

--Pennsylvania prison staff fed cruel hoax to supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal

--in remarkable interview that links “blame China” memes to US hybrid warfare, Pepe Escobar illuminates us in new podcast interview

--Navy brass recommend reinstatement of Capt. Brett Cozier to command of the Roosevelt, and we’ll find out if Trump ordered his removal

--Gov. Cuomo dares Mitch McConnell to change laws to allow states to declare bankruptcy

--Trump signs latest relief bill, which was vastly improved by Democratic “obstructors”

--the package includes $10 billion loan to Post Office, which Trump threatens to withhold if Amazon’s delivery rates aren’t jacked up

--small biz owners who actually get SBA loans get no written assurance that the loans will be forgiven, as advertised

--Lee Fang at The Intercept shows that Trump donors got small biz loans in first round

--corporate lobbyists got big tax breaks that only apply to the super weathy in CARES Act

--Trump’s share of loans from Bank of China in NYC investment partnership exceed $60 million

--White House immigrant hater Stephen Miller tells top Trumpers that latest immigration restrictions won’t be “temporary”

--Ryan Grim at The Intercept confirms Biden accuser Tara Reade’s claim that her mom talked about Tara’s complaints on Larry King’s TV show

--Biden shakes up DNC, installs expert on high-dollar fundraising

--Biden wans that Trump may try to postpone November election and warns about Russian interference

--even as Sanders exited, poll shows that Latino support for Biden is falling

--near the end of our interview today, Pepe Escobar reported breaking news from Brazil of shake-ups in Bolsonaro administration

--as newspapers lay off reporters due to drop in ad revenue, Facebook buys multiple full page ads in my local papers